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Deadpool Races Slot Cars at ECHORR Event

We had an unexpected visitor at our ECHORR track during Sunday’s toy show in New Jersey. Deadpool decided to stop by and check out the race track. After watching for a while he later shouted “ALL RIGHT RACERS WHO WANTS TO RACE DEADPOOL ?” Well needless to say the racers at the track were excited. A five lap crash and burn was decided and the four racers were ready at the track. The race started and unfortunately Deadpool was off the track at the second turn. He was told he was out of the race, but his reply was that he can regenerate and should be able to keep going. Not to argue with Deadpool he was put back on the track but still lost the race. The winner was racing in the yellow lane. High fives were given by Deadpool to all the competitors in the race and no heads were severed. ( this time ) 

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