Pre Season Racing Dates



We hope that everyone is safe and well. While we are starting to come out of this pandemic, It is time for us to consider some upcoming events that are scheduled. Please know that our racers safety is our top priority as we consider future events at Randy’s Raceway. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and encouraged. Here are some thoughts that we want to share as we start to consider racing at the tracks.  

It will be physically impossible for us to maintain social distancing at the tracks. There is just not enough room in the pit area, at the track, performing tasks as a corner marshal, flagging, scoring or handling any other duties at the track. Randy has done an incredible job cleaning the facility and preparing it for our return to racing. We are learning more and more about this virus every day, But please understand that if you are concerned about maintaining a social distance from others, You should take this into consideration when thinking about attending any events at Randy’s Raceway.

Mask wearing WILL BE  mandatory.

 Attached below is our remaining Pre-Season schedule as revised.