2015 – 2016 Modified Season in Review

A very successful Modified season was completed this year.  We had 22 racers signed in for action during the season with an average of around 15 each week.  13 races were presented with two cancelled for weather.  An amazing total of 16 drivers won segments this year and we had three different feature winners.  Mark Williams won his 5th Modified Championship.


Corey Bailey was only able to get away from his busy schedule to race with us once but scored a top ten finish and 20th in points.  Nick Wummer was able to get away from school on two nights around the holidays and was 19th in points.  18th in points was veteran Mike Fitzgerald who made two shows near the end of the season.  Fitzy scored a segment win and a top ten.  17th in the final standings went to former longtime area promoter Big T.  Tim Bowers Sr. won 4 segments 49 for his career and 2 top five’s in his three appearances.  16th in points went to ageless veteran in his 52 season of racing Bill Brenner.  Bill had two top ten’s in his own equipment this year in 4 shows.



15th in points went to veteran John Kosmoski who rejoined the group this year mainly focused on the Tri-oval but also made some 8 lane shows at the end of the season.  John made 6 events and had 3 top tens and also won 2 segments.  14th on the year was Brian Vanbuskirk, Brian made 7 modified shows and scored a top ten along the way.  The 13th place man on list was one of our young guns, Adam Zapocosta.  Adam was knocking on the door for a top ten finish all year long and was very consistent.  12th in points went to the original Fitzy, Dave Fitzgerald.  Dave made every show except the opener and made the top ten 4 times.  Our 11th place racer was Tony Zapocosta, Tony won 2 segments and had 4 top ten’s as well.



Now the top dogs.  Second year racer Chris Brubaker was 10th and he made every show except the opener and won 4 segments and scored 5 top ten’s including the last three races in a row.  9th in the season championship was Toby Reinhard out of Boyertown.  Toby coming off that feature win at the end of last season won 11 segments and was only out of the top ten 1 time.  He again ended the year on a fast note with two straight seconds.  8th place man was our promoter Randy J.  Mr. Haydt won 9 segments and scored a feature win in week one!  He had 10 top ten’s.  7th on the year was another young gun Cory Reinhard who took home most improved Modified driver this year.  The Boyertown High student had 11 top ten finishes including two runner-ups.  He also won 17 segments which was third most.  The 6th place driver was Bryan Kisthardt who was challenging for the points crown throughout the year before missing the final few races.  Bryan won 5 features and 34 segments bringing his career segment win total to 84.



The Top Five.  5th was veteran Billy Decker from Lehighton.  Billy won 13 segments and was fast all year long.  He made the top ten in every race except one.  He actually had a string of 3, 3rd place finishes in a row early in the year.  The 4th place racer was another veteran and founding member of the club Jim LeVan.  Jim also won 13 segments which make 216 on his career at the Berk’s ovals.  Jim was never outside the top ten this year.  Third place goes to the Racing School teacher Brian Sponagle.  Spoons won a career high 16 segments, had a second and 3 3rd place finishes.  The runner-up for the season championship went to Reading’s Scott Bender.  Our official track photographer only won 3 segments but was so consistent that he wound up second in points.  Mark Williams won the Championship which was his third in a row and 5th overall at Randy’s Raceway.  Williams won 7 features and 55 segments, scoring all wins or seconds this year.