Road Racing Specialist Jim LeVan Scores the Sam Heller Memorial NASCAR Feature

Randy’s Raceway Sam Heller Memorial Triple Crown Series Race Results from Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Road Racing Specialist Jim LeVan scores the Sam Heller Memorial NASCAR feature win on the challenging Randy’s Raceway Tubbie

Round 2 of the Randy’s Raceway Memorial Triple Crown Series honored our friend Sam Heller on Tuesday night. Sam loved to race on Randy’s Tub track and would always support the IROC, Tjet, MAHOPRA and Tuesday Night TYCO events whenever it was advertised that action would be on the original Aurora Tub.





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Shane Hiester Continues His Dominance of the Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval Rob London Memorial Race

Randy’s Raceway Rob London Memorial Triple Crown Series Race Results 🏁
Shane Hiester continues his dominance of the Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval with a perfect Rob London Memorial Series Round #1 Feature Win
Shane Hiester has made the Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval his personal playground over the past year and Tuesday Night when Round 1 of the 3 race Memorial Triple Crown Series started, Hiester ran a perfect race winning all 6 races. Hiester’s dominance on the Tri-Oval shows a run of winning 8 of 18 Tri-O races running back to last year. 6 Modified Feature wins, 1 NASCAR and 1 IROC win. On Tuesday in Rob London Memorial Vintage Coupe action, Shane was near perfect only de-slotting once on lane 2. The rest was clear and green for the Shillington racer. Track Promoter Randy Jay Haydt once again hit the podium with a 2nd place finish. Haydt won 2 segments on lane 4 & 5 in the runnerup run. Sheldon Hiester put his vintage coupe into the final podium spot at 3rd with 1 segment on lane 4.
4th – Matt Light – 3 segment wins
5th – Mike Fitzgerald – 3 segment wins
6th – Scott Bender
7th – Jordan Hess
8th – Tom Wenner
9th – Jim LeVan
10th – Toby Reinhard – 1 segment win
11th – Bill Decker
14th – Eric Beard
15th – Ashley Hess
16th – Austin Y.
Memorial Notes:
16 Strong in the pit area for the 1st race of the Randy’s Raceway Memorial Triple Crown Series. Thank You to Randy to creating Stickers to celebrate our fallen Slot Car heroes. Rob was a friend to all of us and is greatly missed by all. Rob loved those coupes when we raced on the Tri-Oval, I am sure that he is cheering us on..
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October 25, 2022
Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval
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Racing @ 700p

Randy Jay Haydt Scores the Final Leg of the Memorial Triple Crown Series

Randy’s Raceway Memorial Triple Crown Race Results from Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

Randy Jay Haydt scores the final leg of the Memorial Triple Crown Series & Clinches the Triple Crown Championship in dominating fashion.

Randy Jay Haydt came to race on Tuesday Night and he was well prepared for the final race of the Memorial Triple Crown Series. The race celebrated the memory of Bob Amore. Bob was a long time supporter of Randy’s Raceway. Bob produced and sold Modified Slot Car Bodies for many years. His mark left on the hobby still is in full swing still today as many people continue to race his product. All cars in the Tuesday field were racing an actual body that was produced by Bob. RIP Bob. Randy Jay Haydt was near perfect on Tuesday. Randy won all 6 segments and only deslotted 3 times. His 901 Mod was truly hooked up. [Read more…]

Veteran Road Racer Jim Levan Scores an Impressive Sam Heller Memorial Triple Crown Series Feature Win

Randy’s Raceway Race Results from Tuesday, December 7, 2021
By: Wenner Media Group
🏁Veteran Road Racer Jim Levan scores an impressive Sam Heller Memorial Triple Crown Series Feature Win🏁
Randy’s Raceway hosts only a few Road Races on the Original Aurora Tub Track each season. 🏆 When these races are held, You will also find Jim LeVan near the top of the finish order. Jim has scored road racing wins on the Randy’s Raceway Tub Track the last 3 consecutive seasons. Jim and promoter/owner Randy Jay Haydt, another road race ace battled lane by lane for the feature win. Jim scored only 1 segment win but scored the win 11 track sections. Randy Jay Haydt scored 2 segment wins in his strong run for 2nd place. Mike Fitzgerald had a strong run on the tub to hit the podium this week. Congrats to Fitzie. Mike scored 2 segment wins in his run to 3rd place.
4th- Brian Sponagle – 2 segment wins
5th – Shane Hiester – 3 segment wins
6th – Sheldon Hiester – 3 segment wins
7th – Matt Light
9th – Tom Wenner – 1 segment win
10th – Bill Decker
11th – Ed Kenderdine
12th – Brian VanBuskirk
13th – Jordan Hess
14th – Bill Waugh
Tubbie Chatter:
14 in the pits for the Sam Heller Memorial. Thanks to everyone for coming out and making it a fun night. Special Thanks to the Sam Heller Memorial Triple Crown Sponsors for their time and efforts – Sean Moneypenny, Fred McCullough, Randy Jay Haydt, Bill Decker – We gave away 8 sets of Car Stands and 1 full ready TYCO Nascar. We could not do this without the great sponsors of the hobby, Thank You guys! – 👊. Congrats to John Kosmoski for winning the Billy Decker built, Freddy Mac Painted TYCO Nascar. Please keep a watch for round 3 of the Memorial Triple Crown Series coming soon. We will honor our friend Bob Amore. The Bob Amore Memorial will be raced on the Randy’s Raceway 8 Lane Oval.
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Randy’s Raceway Round 2 of the Memorial Triple Crown Series

Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Randy’s Raceway Original Aurora Tub Track
Sam Heller Memorial Classic
15 Lap Nascar Event
Round 2 of the Series
🏁 Grand Prize Giveaway Car – TYCO 440X2 Fully Race Prepared Pepsi Nascar #11 🏁
Special Thanks to the Triple Crown Series Sponsors:
🏁 Fred McCullough from Freddy Mac Bodies donated this incredibly cool Nascar Body. Full Paint and Decal Customization from the Freddy Mac Shops.May be an image of text that says '11 RANDY'S RACEWAY 18 10 16 17'
🏁 Tom Wenner Donated the Tyco 440×2
🏁 Bill Decker from Decker Speed Supplies donated all of the parts and spent the time and effort to build this special race piece.
🏁 Randy Jay Haydt Our track owner and promoter who provided the venue for the series, created special event decals and Race Award decals.
👀This Tyco 440×2 Nascar #11 will be given away to 1 luck race participant at the Sam Heller Classic on Tuesday, December 7th.
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Shane Hiester Scores the Rob London Memorial Triple Crown Series Opening Feature Win

🏁 Randy’s Raceway Rob London Memorial Triple Crown Series Race Results from Tuesday, October 19, 2021 🏁
Shane Hiester scores the Rob London Memorial Triple Crown Series Opening Feature Win. Brian VanBuskirk wins the TYCO Coupe Modified Race Car.
The Opening Race of the Memorial Triple Crown Series drew a great field of racers. 18 racers signed in for competition. Rob London was a great friend and racer to everyone at Randy’s Raceway. Rob loved the nostalgia coupes and truly enjoyed competing at Randy’s Raceway every Tuesday. Round 1 is in your memory Rob! – We miss you. May be an image of road
The Randy’s Raceway 6 Lane Tri-Oval was the stage for this week’s racing action. Shane Hiester slayed the dragon and stole the Round 1 Memorial Series Race win 🏆. Shane won 5 strong segments to secure the feature event win by 5 track sections. Finishing a close 2nd, Matt Light behind the wheel of his Toby #17 coupe. Matt with 2 segments ran a strong race to finish runnerup. Wrapping up the podium stage, Track Owner Randy Jay Haydt with 2 segment wins on his run to the stage.
4th – Bill Decker – 3 segment wins
5th – Sheldon Hiester – 2 segment wins
6th – Brian Sponagle – 1 segment win
7th – Toby Reinhard
9th – Jordan Hess
10th – James Hammershock
11th – Hiram Durant
12th – Michael Mackaravitz – 3 segment wins
13th – Jim LeVan
14th – Eric Beard
15th – Ed Kenderdine
16th – Tom Wenner
17th – Brian Vanbuskirk
18th – Bill Waugh
Triple Crown Notes:
Special Thanks to Triple Crown Race Sponsors:
Wenner Media Group
Randy’s Raceway
Decker Motorsports / Billy Decker
Freddy Mac Bodies
Thank You to all who came out and supported the event. The series will have a separate point championship and fund. It also carries Randy’s Raceway Modified points. December 7 is Round 2 of the Memorial Triple Crown Series – Sam Heller Memorial – Nascar racing on the Aurora Tub Track. Freddy Mac did an amazing job on the Nascar Body. Billy D. is fine tuning the TYCO for the next giveaway. Congrats go out to Brian V. for scoring that great giveaway Mod. Congrats to Jordan Hess on a Top 10 finish. Jordan was on the lead lap in 4 of the 6 segment races. Randy’s Raceway will be hosting the MAHOPRA – Mid-Atlantic HOPRA Club on Saturday, October 23, 2021 – If anyone wants to see Super FAST Magnet racing action, Check out their page and website.
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