Randy’s Raceway Round 2 of the Memorial Triple Crown Series

Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Randy’s Raceway Original Aurora Tub Track
Sam Heller Memorial Classic
15 Lap Nascar Event
Round 2 of the Series
🏁 Grand Prize Giveaway Car – TYCO 440X2 Fully Race Prepared Pepsi Nascar #11 🏁
Special Thanks to the Triple Crown Series Sponsors:
🏁 Fred McCullough from Freddy Mac Bodies donated this incredibly cool Nascar Body. Full Paint and Decal Customization from the Freddy Mac Shops.May be an image of text that says '11 RANDY'S RACEWAY 18 10 16 17'
🏁 Tom Wenner Donated the Tyco 440×2
🏁 Bill Decker from Decker Speed Supplies donated all of the parts and spent the time and effort to build this special race piece.
🏁 Randy Jay Haydt Our track owner and promoter who provided the venue for the series, created special event decals and Race Award decals.
👀This Tyco 440×2 Nascar #11 will be given away to 1 luck race participant at the Sam Heller Classic on Tuesday, December 7th.
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