2023 – 2024 Season Schedule

Awards Night at Randy’s Raceway

🏁 Championship Awards Night and IROC Racing set for Tuesday, August 8, 2023 at the New Randy’s Raceway in Topton, PA. 🏁
Mark your calendars now – A week from today, Randy will hand out all awards from the ’22-23 season, Hardware and Point Payout Cash, Year-End Stat Books, and Box Decals can be expected for the racers who participated last season in Kutztown. The Annual Triple Crown Memorial Series awards for Bob Amore, Sam Heller, and Rob London races will given out to the racers who participated last season. 🏆
For those who attend, a small donation will be made to get Pizza delivered. If you are interested in donating a dessert, it would be appreciated by the group. All drinks will be provided by Randy’s Raceway.
The annual Randy’s Raceway Banquet IROC race will be conducted on the Randy’s Raceway Wiz Road Course. The IROC race set to be used will be determined on race day.
New details and updates about the start of Randy’s Raceway ’23-24 season will be shared with those in attendance. The Photo below shows the current status of the new Randy’s Raceway oval in build process. New Track is being laid down now, with wiring to follow. Who is ready to blast TYCO 440X2’s around at the new venue?
All are welcome to attend. There is no cost to race.
Randy Jay Haydt
Randy’s Raceway
Topton, PANo photo description available.

Randy’s Raceway has moved to a new location. The racing for this season is finished and will be

starting again next season at the new location.

New updates will be posted as the moving progresses along.


Shane Hiester Sprints to a Randy’s Raceway Sprint Car Feature Win

Randy’s Raceway Tuesday Night TYCO Sprint Car Race Results

Shane Hiester sprints to a Randy’s Raceway Sprint Car Feature Win

photo by: Shane Hiester

In the 4th Randy’s Raceway Sprint Car race of the season, Shane Hiester was able to become the 4th different Sprint Car winner of the season. Shane joins Matt Light, Sheldon Hiester and Mike Fitzgerald as ’22-’23 season Sprint Car winners. Heister came to race on Tuesday with his trusty winged warrior as he won 4 of the 6 segments on the track. Sprint Car point leader Matt Light was 2nd with another solid run on the 8 lane oval. Light won 3 segments on the night. Sheldon Hiester finished 3rd capping off the podium for the night. Sheldon had 2 segment wins on the evening.

4th – Tony Zappacosta – 3 segment wins

5th – Jordan Hess

6th – Kevin Kreiser – 1 segment win

7th – Scott Bender

8th – Elmer Santiago

9th – Randy Jay Haydt

10th – Eric Beard – 1 segment win

11th – Jim LeVan – 1 segment win

12th – Bill Decker

13th – Hiram Durant

14th – John Kosmoski

15th – Ashley Hess

Wing Panels:

15 Strong in the 410 Pits. Congrats to Kevin Kreiser on a segment win. 4 Sprint Car events and 4 different winners. The Bob Amore Memorial 15 Lap Race Event is next week. Randy’s Raceway 8 Lane Oval – Lanes 2 to 7. The final leg of the Memorial Triple Crown Series honoring our great friend Bob Amore. January 31st will be final event of the season.

Matt Light and Shane Hiester Steal the Tuesday Night Thunder Randy’s Raceway Checkered Flags

Randy’s Raceway Tuesday Night Tri-Oval Thunder Race Results

Matt Light and Shane Hiester steal the Tuesday Night Thunder Randy’s Raceway Checkered Flags

The Defending Modified Point Champ, Matt Light scores win #4 on the season while adding to his ’23 Modified Point lead. Light’s Kreitz 69k Sedan Modified scored 4 segments on lanes 2,3,4 and 5 on the way to his feature win. Matt was 5 track segments in front of 2nd place Modified Pilot Sheldon Hiester. Sheldon also won 4 of his 6 modified segments sweeping runs on lanes 3 to 6. The final pilot to hit the podium was Shane Hiester. Shane scored 2 segment wins in knocking down the 3rd spot.


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Sheldon Hiester Brings the Broom Out and Sweeps Both Ends of the Randy’s Raceway Tuesday Night Thunder

Randy’s Raceway Sprint Car & IROC Doubleheader Race Results

Sheldon Hiester brings the broom out and sweeps both ends of the Randy’s Raceway Tuesday Night Thunder

Sheldon Hiester broke into the Sprint Car victory lane for the 1st time in ’22 on the Randy’s Raceway 8 Lane Oval. Sheldon was sitting 5th in points, but within striking distance of the point leaders in race #3 of 6 for the year in Sprint Cars. Hiester had a rocket winning 5 of the 6 racing segments presented on Tuesday. Sprint Car Point Leader Matt Light rallied to finish 2nd with a strong run on Tuesday. Light won 2 of the 6 segments that he raced. [Read more…]

Randy Jay Haydt Breaks Into the Modified Winner’s Circle

Randy’s Raceway 8 Lane Oval Modified Race Results from Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Randy Jay Haydt breaks into the Modified Winner’s Circle for the 1st time this season

Randy Jay Haydt finally broke into the winner’s circle on Modified night with with his Bob Amore bodied #1 Modified. The Modifieds have not run on the 8 lane oval since September. Randy was 2nd on 9/20 and 10/17, but finally sealed the deal last night. [Read more…]

Road Racing Specialist Jim LeVan Scores the Sam Heller Memorial NASCAR Feature

Randy’s Raceway Sam Heller Memorial Triple Crown Series Race Results from Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Road Racing Specialist Jim LeVan scores the Sam Heller Memorial NASCAR feature win on the challenging Randy’s Raceway Tubbie

Round 2 of the Randy’s Raceway Memorial Triple Crown Series honored our friend Sam Heller on Tuesday night. Sam loved to race on Randy’s Tub track and would always support the IROC, Tjet, MAHOPRA and Tuesday Night TYCO events whenever it was advertised that action would be on the original Aurora Tub.





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Shane Hiester Finds Victory Lane Once Again

Randy’s Raceway Vintage Coupe Tri-Oval Race Results from Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Racing moves back to the Randy’s Raceway Tricky Tri-Oval, And Shane Hiester finds victory lane once again

Shane Hiester drove his Taz #44 to a narrow victory on the Tri-Oval by scoring 3 segments win. Shane’s victory with 89-12 was 3 track segments ahead of Eric Beard who made a valiant run at the victory. Eric finished with 89-9, and also 3 segment wins. Former Modified Champ, Matt Light continued his consistent finishes with a 3rd place finish. Light scored 4 segment wins on the evening in his trusty Toby #17 vintage coupe.





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Jim LeVan & Randy Jay Haydt score IROC Feature Wins

Randy’s Raceway IROC Twin Road Racing Feature Race Results from Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Jim LeVan & Randy Jay Haydt score IROC Feature Wins on the challenging Randy’s Raceway Original Aurora Wiz Tub Track

The Randy’s Raceway Original Aurora Wiz Tub Track was the venue for this week’s racing action. So far in ’22, Shane Hiester, Sheldon Hiester, Jim LeVan and Randy Jay Haydt have all stood in victory lane.

Ed Kenderdine owned AFX/Tomy Camaro IROC cars were part of the racing action. Randy Jay Haydt scored the IROC victory on the Wiz Tub winning 2 of the 4 – 12 lap race segments. Haydt scored the win by 5 track segments over Sheldon Hiester. Sheldon clinched 2nd place by winning 1 race segment and narrowly edging out Jim Levan by 1 track piece. Jim LeVan wrapped up the final spot on the podium with 1 race win.

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