Matt Light and Shane Hiester Steal the Tuesday Night Thunder Randy’s Raceway Checkered Flags

Randy’s Raceway Tuesday Night Tri-Oval Thunder Race Results

Matt Light and Shane Hiester steal the Tuesday Night Thunder Randy’s Raceway Checkered Flags

The Defending Modified Point Champ, Matt Light scores win #4 on the season while adding to his ’23 Modified Point lead. Light’s Kreitz 69k Sedan Modified scored 4 segments on lanes 2,3,4 and 5 on the way to his feature win. Matt was 5 track segments in front of 2nd place Modified Pilot Sheldon Hiester. Sheldon also won 4 of his 6 modified segments sweeping runs on lanes 3 to 6. The final pilot to hit the podium was Shane Hiester. Shane scored 2 segment wins in knocking down the 3rd spot.


4th – Brian Sponagle – 2 segment wins

5th – Bill Decker – 1 segment win

6th – Randy Jay Haydt

7th – Jim LeVan – 1 segment win

8th – Mike Feltenberger

9th – Jordan Hess

10th – Timothy J. Bowers Jr – 2 segment wins

11th – Scott Bender

12th – John Kosmoski

13th – Mike Fitzgerald

14th – Kevin Kreiser

15th – Dave Kosch

16th – Tony Zappacosta – 1 segment win

17th – Eric Beard – 1 segment win

18th – Ashley Hess

In the nightcap IROC event, Randy broke out a set of Auto World Super III Nascar Race Cars. Shane Hiester raced to the IROC win while winning 2 of the 4 IROC segments. The win was a close one as Hiester scored a 19-27 narrowly edging Tony Zappacosta by 4 track segments with a 19-23 for the feature win. Tony Zappacosta with a great race scoring a solid 2nd place finish. Tony Z had 2 of 4 segment wins with the AW Nascar IROC’s. Sheldon Hiester, who is tied for the IROC Series Point Lead with Randy Jay Haydt, sneaked by for the final podium spot winning 2 of 4 segments as well.

4th – John Kosmoski – 2 segment wins

5th – Dave Kosch – 1 segment win

6th – Randy Jay Haydt

7th – Matt Light – 1 segment win

8th – Kevin Kreiser

9th – Mike Feltenberger – 1 segment win

10th – Jordan Hess – 2 segment wins

11th – Ashley Hess

12th – Jim LeVan

Tri-O Notes:

18 Strong for the Modified Race and 12 for IROC, Thanks for the continued support. It was nice to see Dave Kosch invade from NJ for the racing action. Special Thanks to Little T for providing extra $ from Little T’s Speedway. Little T offering bonus $ for any racer who attends all 4 of the weeks races at Little T’s Speedway, Randy’s Raceway, Hiester’s Raceway and Lightning Fast Speedway. Word is that 10 racers are still in play after Tuesday night. Congrats to Tony Z scoring the IROC 2nd Place finish.

Next Up:

Tuesday, January 17th

Randy’s Raceway 8 Lane Oval – Sprint Car Racing on Lanes 2 to 7