Shane Hiester Continues His Dominance of the Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval Rob London Memorial Race

Randy’s Raceway Rob London Memorial Triple Crown Series Race Results 🏁
Shane Hiester continues his dominance of the Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval with a perfect Rob London Memorial Series Round #1 Feature Win
Shane Hiester has made the Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval his personal playground over the past year and Tuesday Night when Round 1 of the 3 race Memorial Triple Crown Series started, Hiester ran a perfect race winning all 6 races. Hiester’s dominance on the Tri-Oval shows a run of winning 8 of 18 Tri-O races running back to last year. 6 Modified Feature wins, 1 NASCAR and 1 IROC win. On Tuesday in Rob London Memorial Vintage Coupe action, Shane was near perfect only de-slotting once on lane 2. The rest was clear and green for the Shillington racer. Track Promoter Randy Jay Haydt once again hit the podium with a 2nd place finish. Haydt won 2 segments on lane 4 & 5 in the runnerup run. Sheldon Hiester put his vintage coupe into the final podium spot at 3rd with 1 segment on lane 4.
4th – Matt Light – 3 segment wins
5th – Mike Fitzgerald – 3 segment wins
6th – Scott Bender
7th – Jordan Hess
8th – Tom Wenner
9th – Jim LeVan
10th – Toby Reinhard – 1 segment win
11th – Bill Decker
14th – Eric Beard
15th – Ashley Hess
16th – Austin Y.
Memorial Notes:
16 Strong in the pit area for the 1st race of the Randy’s Raceway Memorial Triple Crown Series. Thank You to Randy to creating Stickers to celebrate our fallen Slot Car heroes. Rob was a friend to all of us and is greatly missed by all. Rob loved those coupes when we raced on the Tri-Oval, I am sure that he is cheering us on..
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