Bryan Kisthart Scores Cup Win

Cup racing returned to the Tri-Oval Tuesday night at Randy’s Raceway and Bryan Kisthart drew the #1 pill and ran off with his 2nd Cup win of the year. Bryan ran the Budweiser #8 to 5 segment wins. Jim Levan ran his bright orange machine to a strong 2nd place finish winning 1 segment on lane 6. Scott Bender scored his best Cup finish of the year in his Cornflakes #5 to come home 3rd. Billy Decker also scored his best Cup run of the year finishing 4th, including 2 segment wins. Randy Haydt finished 5th to close out the Top 5.

It was the final IROC race of the season this time running Johnny Lightning T-Jets as Randy Haydt scored 1 segment win on way to a close win his 2nd IROC win of the season. Randy’s win was by only 3 pieces of track over Bryan Kisthart who scored 2 segment wins. Only 3 pieces of track behind Bryan, Jim Levan scored 2 segment wins on lanes 2 & 5 to finish 3rd. Brian Sponagle also scored 2 segment wins to come home 4th. Dave Fitzgerald turned in 4 consistent runs on way to a good 5th place finish. THANKS to Brian Sponagle for his work on these IROC cars which ran very good.