Driver Car Rule and Race Format Changes for 2016 – 17

It was the season ending Rules Meeting at Randy’s Raceway Tuesday night. Discussing several topics  the group included Randy Haydt, Billy Decker, Brian Vanbuskirk, Scott Bender, Toby Reinhard, Tony Zappacosta, Brian Sponagle, Jim LeVan, Mark Williams, and Jody Williams.
Specialty Races: Their will be 2 specialty races run during the season, their were many good suggestions including: Backwards Race, Russian Roulette Racing, Timed Race, Crash and Burn racing, Minus a Lap race, White Out racing, and the Tyco 500. The 2 races will be determined when the season starts with input from the entire group.
NASCAR: All NASCAR races will drop from 15 to 12 lap events to allow everybody the chance to run the IROC race that follows. Also NASCAR bodies must have full fenders with the body covering all 4 tires while looking down on the car.