Haydt Scores IROC Title Convincingly

Veteran Randy Haydt scored a convincing win in the season long IROC Championship.   Haydt won by more than 30 points with 2 feature wins and 13 segment wins in the IROC Class that held 9 races this season.  22 racers took part in the year with 20 of them scoring segment wins and 6 scoring feature wins.  Mark Williams finished the season with a feature win on the final night and added 12 segment wins to finish in the second spot.  Third was Jim LeVan who had 2 feature victories and 11 segments.  Fourth was Brian Sponagle the defending champion who also had 2 feature wins and a season high 14 segment wins.  Rounding out the top five was Cory Reinhard who scored 8 segment wins.  Sixth was Toby Reinhard who was a feature winner on opening night and had 7 segment wins.  Seventh went to Savvy Cunnius who had 5 segment wins and a second in the feature held in November.  Position Eight was Ed Kenderdine who had a best finish of third in March to go along with 4 segment wins.  Brian VanBuskirk was ninth with 7 segment wins and 2 top five feature finishes.  Rounding out the top ten in his first season at Randy‚Äôs was ECHORR Ace Hiram Durant with 4 segment wins.  Sam Heller scored a feature win in November although he was not a regular racer this year.

The top five in lowest fall-off average for the season are Hiram Durant 1.67, Larry Sanders 3.00, Chris Brubaker 3.40, James Hammershock 3.50 and Mike Mackaravitz 3.50.

Top ten Career IROC Feature winners- R. Haydt 23, Kenny Gilmore 15, Mark Williams 14, Dave Richards 6, Sam Heller,Jim LeVan and Brian Sponagle 5, Shane Hiester 4, Sheldon Hiester 3, Toby Reinhard and Bob Amore 2.

Top ten Career Segment winners-  Mark Williams 135, Randy Haydt 131, Jim LeVan 99, Bob Amore 79, Kenny Gilmore 73, Sam Heller 59, Brian Sponagle 45, Scott Bender 41, Shane Hiester and Billy Decker 40.