Kisthardt, LeVan 1 – 2 in Modified Main

Bryan Kisthardt drew the # 1 pill and did not look back after that as he turned in win # 4 of the season. Bryan scored 2 segment wins on way to a close win. Only 25 pieces of track behind, Jim LeVan who scored his lone segment win on lane 8 but was consistent all night with a 14.13 his lowest score, it was Jim’s 6th Top 5 finish of the season was 2nd.Toby Reinhard continued his strong season scoring 5 segment wins, his best Modified run of the year turned in a fast 3rd place finish. Only 23 pieces of track behind, Randy Haydt scored 4 segment wins it was his 8th Top 5 finish of the season finished 4th. Billy Decker scored 2 segment wins, it was his 5th Top 5 finish of the year came across the line 5th.

6th Brian Sponagle ( 1 win ) / 7th John Kosmoski / 8th Mark Williams ( 1 win ) / 9th Ed Kenderdine ( 1 win ) 10th TIE Bill Brenner and Scott Bender ( 1 win ).


It was the 2nd largest field of the year as 21 racers filled the pit area. Good having Sam Heller and Tom Wenner back with us, Sam scored a 17th place finish, Tom got a 14th, and his 1st segment win. Good run by John Kosmoski with a 7th place run and Ed Kenderdine picking things up with another 9th place finish, and his 1st Modified segment win. 12 different segment winners. Boundary and pit lanes issues were under control ?

Berks / Lebanon Modifed Series Race Saturday at Randy’s Raceway, 8 lane, Practice at 1, racing at 2.


NASCAR racing on the 8 lane.