Mark Williams and Jim LeVan Berks Lebanon Series Winners

infeild of 40 cars

Nice field of 40 cars on race day !

It was race 2 of the Berk’s Lebanon Modified Racing Series at Randy’s Raceway and Mark Williams and Jim LeVan scored wins on the 8 lane fast track. In front of a sell out crowd and a good field of 20 racers the Big Block Modifieds opened the day and Mark Williams collected 6 segment wins on way to his 1st Series win. Marks win was about 1 lap ahead of Opening day Series winner Jim LeVan who scored 3 segment wins turning in a good runner up finish. Only 19 pieces of track behind, Cory Reinhard scored 5 segment wins on lanes 2 – 6 and scored a strong 3rd place finish. Scott Bender turned in steady runs

big block field of 20

Big Block field of 20. Top five finish cars in front.

of 14’s to cross the line 4th. Coming back from “retirement” Tim ” Big T ”

mark doing the pre tech and jody and adam ready to score

Mark doing pre-tech inspection. Jody and Adam getting ready to do the scoring for the day ahead.

Bowers scored 3 segment wins to finish 5th. Just 14 pieces of track behind, Brian Sponagle scored 2 segment wins, including 1 on lane 8 to finish 6th. Tim ” Little T ” Bowers scored 1 segment win to finish 7th. Toby Reinhard turned in a good 8th place finish. Making his 1st start at Randy’s Raceway in a while was Gary Hetrick who scored a very good 9th place finish. John Kosmoski picked the #10 pill, had 10 fall offs, and finish 10th.

small block field of 20

Small Block field of 20 cars. Top five finish cars in front.

( 11 – 20 ) 11th Randy Haydt / 12th Billy Decker / 13th Dave Fitzgerald / 14th Tony Zappacosta / 15th Adam Zappacosta / 16th Bill Rowley / 17th Bruce Komoldi / 18th Dave Koehler / 19th Randall Heilman / 20th Rich Kepner.

Jim LeVan Wins Small Block Main

in the pits pics

Pic of some pit area.

starting race of the small block

Starting race of the Small Block.

Small Block Mods finished off the day and Jim LeVan scored a close win, Jim won 7 segments, had a run of 14.32 on lane 1, compared to Tim ” Big T ” Bowers run of 14.23 on lane 1 to hold on to score the Small Block win. Jim now has a victory in both divisions. ” Big T ” also collected 7 segment wins and only 2 fal offs to finish 2nd. Randy Haydt who had plenty of ” handling issues “ scored 2 segment wins on lanes 1 & 8 but still finished 3rd. Making his 1st start in the Berk’s Lebanon Series Dave Fitzgerald turned in a very strong 4th place finish. Bill Rowley had a slow start on lane 1 but scored all 14’s the rest of the way to come back with a good 5th place run. Only 1 piece of track behind, Adam Zappacosta continues to improve scored 4 segment wins for a career best 6th place finish. Brian Sponagle scored a 7th place finish, Tim ” Little T ” Bowers scored a segment win on lane 1 finishing 8th. Cory Reinhard scored a 9th place run. Billy Decker turned in a 10th place finish.

chucky possessed in turn one

Chucky driving like he is possessed in turn 1.

( 11 – 20 ) 11th Mark Williams / 12th Toby Reinhard / 13th John Kosmoski ( 3wins ) / 14th Gary Hetrick / 15th Scott Bender / 16th Tony Zappacosta / 17th Randall Heilman / 18th Dave Koehler / on the track photography19th Bruce Komoldi / 20th Rich Kepner.

Berk’s Lebanon Notes:
Close racing in Big Block finish as 4th – 7th was separated by 1 lap. Brian Sponagle had a good day with a 6th and 7th place finish. Gary Hetrick had a 9th place finish. Good runs in Small Block finish include Dave Fitzgerald 4th, Bill Rowley 5th, Adam Zappacosta getting his 1st segment win and 6th place finish. Thanks to everyone who helped with the flagging and the computer. Thanks to Randy for the pizza and the snacks.

All photos taking by Scott Bender

Mark Williams will have an open practice on Sunday February 7th at 1pm to get ready for the final Series race on February 27th.