Mark Williams Wins IROC Title and Season Review

A very competitive and fun IROC season this year at Randy’s Raceway.The season championship went down to the last race, like last year when Randy Haydt won the title by 1 point. This year it came down to Mark and Randy again. With Randy winning the season final race, Mark scored a 2nd place finish, and enough to win the IROC title  by 2 points. Mark scored 3 wins during the 8 race season, along with 12 segment wins. Randy won the season opener, then won the final 2 races to nearly win the title again. During the season “security” had to be called to the pit area when these two raced beside each other. Brian Sponagle had a strong IROC season scoring his win in the annual Road Course race, “Spoons” also had 3 Runner Up finishes and 13 segment wins finishing off a good season. Cory Reinhard quietly had a good season not scoring any wins but 5 Top 5 finishes and 10segment wins to finish 4th in the final standing. Only 1 point behind Jim LeVan also turned in a steady season with 5 Top 5 runs and 8 segment wins closing out the Top 5.

6th Scott Bender ( 2 wins ) / 7th Tony Zapacosta ( 1 win, 5 seg wins ) / 8th Chris Brubaker ( 9 seg wins ) / 9th Toby Reinhard ( 5 seg wins ) / 10th Brian Vanbuskirk ( 5  wins ).

Winners: Mark Williams 3, Randy Haydt 3, Tony Zapacosta 1, Brian Sponagle 1

Finish Lines:

Real good season for Tony Zappacosta finishing 7th in the final standing after a 3rd place finish in the Series opener. Tony broke into the win column with his 1st career win in race 3 along with 5 segment wins. Also Larry Sanders getting his 1st segment win in the Series final race. Top 14 drivers scored a segment win. A total of 19 drivers scoring wins during the year. Thank everyone who worked hard on getting the IROC cars as equal as possible and a lot of fun.