Randy Haydt, Brian Sponagle Win Berk’s / Lebanon Series Opener

The Berk’s / Lebanon Modified Racing Series kicked off it’s season on Saturday at Randy’s Raceway on the always challenging Tri-Oval. The Small Block Modified were called out 1st, Last Year’s Small Block Champion Randy Haydt won the title without a win, in the Small Block Opener this year Randy ended that string turning in a strong run. Randy won 3 segments on the middle lanes on way to a close win. Less than a lap behind veteran Sam Heller Sr. who has been off the Tri-Oval for a while, scored 3 segment wins. He had only 2 fall offs and turned in a very good 2nd place finish. Jim LeVan scored 4 segment wins on the middle lanes to come home with a steady 3rd place finish. Only 15 pieces of track behind, Billy Decker scored 1 segment win turning in a good 4th place finish. 3 more pieces of track behind Billy was Mark Williams scoring 1 segment win ( had some racing issues with Billy and Randy! ) but still survived for a 5th place finish.

6th Cory Reinhard ( 1 win ) / 7th Scott Bender / 8th Toby Reinhard / 9th Bob Amore / 10th Brian Sponagle.

Brian Sponagle Wins Big Block Opener

The Big Block Mods capped off the day and Brian Sponagle who drew that unlucky #13 pill, didn’t let that bother him as he ran a well designed Blue Tobias #17 body to 3 segment wins on way to a convincing win. This was Brian’s 1st Berk’s / Lebanon Series win. Last year’s Big Block Champion Jim LeVan collected 3 segment wins to come home 2nd. Only 11 pieces of track behind, Randy Haydt scored 3 segment wins to finish off a good day in 3rd. Only 8 pieces of track behind, Scott Bender turned in a 4th place run. Mark Williams scored 2 segment wins to close out the Top 5.

6th Sam Heller Sr. / ( 1 win ) / 7th Billy Decker ( 1 win ) / 8th Toby Reinhard / 9th Cory Reinhard / 10th Savannah Cunnius ( R ).


A make up date for the race at “Little T’s” was discussed. This year the Series has 4 races so the 3 best finishes will be counted for points. The lowest score of the 4 races will be dropped. Good having Sam Heller and Bob Amore back with us both are expecting to run the entire Series. Brian’s win in the Big Block makes it 4 different winners in 4 races. The racers want to THANK Linda and Billy Decker for all the food they supplied us with it was very good and appreciated.

All Pictures below by Scott Bender

The Next Series Race:

Saturday February 11, Woodland Raceway, Warm up at 1pm, racing at 2pm.

The Next Randy’s Raceway Race:

Tuesday January 17, Warm up at 6pm, racing at 7pm running Sprint Cars

The Next Little T’s Speedway Race:

Saturday January 21, Follow on Facebook as Little T’s Speedway for starting times

Small Block Starting Line

Small Block 1st Race Starting Lineup

Small Block Winners

1st Randy Haydt (middle) 2nd Sam Heller (left) 3rd Jim LeVan (right)

Big Block Starting Line

Big Block 1st Race Starting Lineup

Big Block Winners

1st Brian Sponagle (middle) 2nd Jim LeVan (left) 3rd Randy Haydt (right)







When Cars Attack

When Cars Go Wild 1 !

Small Block Wreck

When Cars Go Wild 2 !

For the Small Block Lead

Racing for the Lead

Tobias Mustang Body by Spoons

Tobias Mustang Body by Spoons

Great Spread of Food

Great Food by Linda and Billy Decker






All Pictures by Scott Bender