Rule Meeting Report

It was the season ending rules meeting held at Randy’s Raceway on Tuesday night among those who attended was Bob Amore, Billy Decker, Jim Levan, Mark and Jody Williams, Brian Vanbuskirk, and Tony Zappacosta.
Among the topics that were discussed:
IROC DIVISION: This division was discussed possibly running after NASCAR, only a 4-5 race season.
GEARS: All gears must now be legibly factory stamped.
CANCELLATIONS: If a Tuesday night is cancelled there will be no make up date.
FLAGGING: Will be asking for volunteers to flag on a rotating system.
TEAR DOWNS: Random tear downs will occur during the season in each class it will be the winner and 2 random picks from anywhere in the finishing order.
TIRE CHANGING: No tire changing in the middle of a segment.

50/50: There will be a box to put your losing tickets in with your name on the back, during the season there will be drawings among those tickets to win a prize.