Rules Meeting Held for the 2013 – 14 Season

It was the season ending rules meeting held at Randy’s Raceway on Tuesday night. There was a good group of people sharing their opinions on many topics in attendance. Corey Bailey, Donna Bryant, Brian Palencar, Jim Levan, Shane and Sheldon Hiester, Brian Kisthart, Bob Amore, Mike Feltenberger and Mark & Jodi Williams were in on the decision-making.

Schedule Modified
15 race season — 8 races on the 8 lane, and 7 on the Tri-Oval.

Schedule Sportsman
9 race season — 5 on the Tri-Oval, and 4 on the 8 lane.

Schedule NASCAR
9 race season — 4 on the 8 lane, 4 on the Tri-Oval, and 1 on the Road Course.
With many positive responses from the recent banquet race held on the road course, everybody agreed a NASCAR race on the road course would be something different and a new challenge for some of us.

Different ideas were discussed but no changes will be made for this year.

Modified Rule Changes

only thing allowed is advancing motors.

bodies must have full rear wheel wells.

NASCAR Rule Changes

ratio can range
from Minimum 20 to Maximum 24. A stock 25 gear is also allowed. All gears must be stamped ( except stock )

Power Person to Run the Races
Beginning next year a list will go around for people to sign and volunteer to do power during the night.