Shane Hiester, Tim “ Little T” Bowers Win Series Opener

Middle: 1st Shane Hiester ///// Right: 2nd Toby Reinhard ///// Left: 3rd Randy Jay Haydt ///// Photo by: Scott Bender

The Berks / Lebanon Modified Racing Series opened its 3rd season of racing on Saturday at “Little T’s ” Speedway. Big Block Modifieds got everything started with Shane Hiester scoring the win. Shane scored 4 segment wins to collect his 1st Berks Series win. Following Shane across the line by only 9 pieces of track Toby Reinhard scored 3 segment wins turning in a very good 2nd place finish it was his best Big Block Series finish. Only 3 pieces of track behind last year Series Champ Randy Haydt scored 3 segment wins to finish 3rd. Just 7 pieces of track behind Tim “Little T” Bowers scored 3 segment wins to finish 4th. Sheldon Hiester scored 1 segment win on lane 1 to finish 5th.

6th Cory Reinhard ( 1 win ) / 7th Jim LeVan / 8th Gary Hetrick / 9th Nick Wummer / 10th Bill Rowley ( 1 win ) / 11th Scott Bender / 12th Tony Zappacosta / 13th Dave Koehler /  14th Adam Zappacosta / 15th Randall Heilman / 16th Savannah Cunnius.

Tim “Little T” Bowers Scores Small Block Win

Small Block Modified racing finished off the day and “Little T” turned in a sweep on way to the win. It  was Tim’s 3rd career SB win. Bill Rowley scored 4 segment wins on the middle lanes on way to a career best 2nd place finish. Randy Haydt  finished off a good day scoring 1 segment win to finish 3rd.

Middle: 1st Tim “Little T” Bowers ///////// Right: Bill Rowley ///////// 3rd Randy Jay Haydt ///////// Photo by: Scott Bender

Cory Reinhard had a steady 4th place finish. Good run by Gary Hetrick scoring 1 segment win to finish 5th his best SB finish.

6th Shane Hiester ( 2 wins ) / 7th Toby Reinhard ( 1 win ) / 8th Sheldon Hiester ( 1 win ) /  9th Jim LeVan / 10th Adam Zappacosta / 11th Savannah Cunnius / 12th Scott Bender / 13th Randall Heilman / 14th Dave Koehler / 15th Nick Wummer / 16th Tony Zappacosta.

Opening Day Notes:

Good Big Block Opener as top 4 were separated by only 19 pieces of track. Good run by Nick Wummer finishing 9th. Bill Rowley scored a career best 2nd place finish in Small Blocks. Gary Hetrick ran a good Opener with a 8th & 5th place finish. Also Savvy just missing out on a Top 10, finishing 11th. Want to Thank everyone for their help during the day with flagging and the computer. Want to thank Little T for everything he provided. Finally, Mark no boundary issues all day !.


Saturday October 21, Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval Kutztown, PA