Shane Hiester Wins Regular Modified Show

Shane Hiester waited 4 years to score his first Modified Feature at Randy’s Raceway but only a few weeks to notch his second.  He won the regularly scheduled show on the smooth Tri-Oval 6 lane.  Hiester won 1 segment and had an unheard of 4 14.30 lap runs.  Just missing a perfect night by 7 segments.  Shane now has 141 segment wins at the Berks Ovals in a Modified.  Second spot in a backup Sheldn Hiester car was Mark Williams.  Williams won 3 segments, the third one became his 400th career Modified segment win.  Finishing third and picking up 3 segment wins also was Bryan Kisthart in one of his best finishes at the Oval.  Fourth spot went to Jim Levan an early seaso feature winner.  Levan won 2 segments in his brightly painted orange ride.  Rounding out the top five in the first show was veteran Big T.  Bowers was consistant finishing on the lead lap every race.

Sheldon Hiester Takes Sandy Make-up Race

Sheldon Hiester redeemed himself after crashing out in the first show and winding up outside the top ten.  Hiester wasted no time coming right back and dominating the field to win by almost a full lap, picking up 4 segments on the way.  Mark Williams once again was second in Sheldon’s back-up machine winning 3 more segments.  Third spot this time around went to Scott Bender who won 2 segments in an impressive run in his Bailey Bunch Modified.  This was Bender’s best finish this season.  Fourth after the tie breaker (falloffs) was the first feature winner Shane Hiester who won 2 segments.  Rounding out the top five after mking only his second start this season was Bob Amore.  Amore won 2 segments and was real quick on one of his favorite tracks.

6 Modified Minuets

1.Bob Amore picked up a ride in the Hiester team and had a nice run proving he did not forget how to drive after a long absense.  It is graet to have Bob back racing with us and I know as soon as he can unpile the bodies in the basement he has plenty of orders to fill.
2.Scott Bender ran real good grabbing 8th in the first feature and third in the nitecap.  Scott only had 3 falloffs in the second show.
3.Another standout preformance came from Toby Reinhard.  Toby was 11th in the first race winning 2 segments and came home 6th  in the second half of the evening also picking up 2 segments.  So to give you a prespective on just how big his night was he had 3 career Modified segments wins prior to this week and won 4 on the night.  Way to go Toby.  All that wrenching is paying off.
4.Although Big T did not win a segment he made his presense felt with consistant runs.  It’s always great to have Big T in our field.  As far as I know along with Tom Hiester, Big T has been racing slot cars consecutively for over 40 years.
5.Our thanks to Randy for bringing the grader out in between shows and working on lane 4.  The Tri-Oval has been our workhorse track for 12 seasons now.
6.Mike Fitzgerald had a tough night but did improve by 2 spots in the second race.  Mike keeps working on the setups and gets a lot of racing in at all the area tracks.