Sportsman Twin 15’s Story

Tuesday November 4, were the 3rd & 4th Sportsman races of the 2014-2015 season at Randy’s Raceway.  There were 15 racers on hand to participate in the double show.  Taking the win in the 1st 15 Lapper was Mark Williams.  Mark drove his car to 6 segment wins in the event.  Second spot went to Sheldon Hiester who lost by 17 sections to Mark.  Sheldon won 3 segments on the night.  Third place went to Shane Hiester who lost to Sheldon by only 12 sections.  Shane won 4 segments on the night.  Fourth went to Mike Fizgerald, who won 1 segment on the night.  Randy Haydt rounded out the Top 5 in fifth.  The rest of the Top 10 went like this: 6-Mike Feltenberger (1 win), 7-Cory Reinhard, 8-Scott Bender, 9-Byan Kisthart, 10-Brian Sponagle.  Racing was close with the first 3 being on the same and having some good races with each other as 3 were on the track at the same time.

In the nightcap Mark Williams took his 2nd win of the evening, Mark won 6 races again in this one on his way to the victory.  Coming home 2nd as he did in the 1st race was Sheldon Hiester who won 2 races in this event.  Third went to Scott Bender who ran a different car this race then the 1st race and won 2 segments with it.  So you chose the right car for once Scott  LOL.  Coming home Fourth was Toby Reinhard who won 1 segment and ran smooth all race long during this race.  Rounding out the Top 5 in Fifth was Shane Hiester who won 2 races, but struggled in some other ones, but still brought home a Top 5 finish.  The rest of the Top 10 finished up this way in the 2nd of the twin bill: 6-Cory Reinhard, 7-Brian Sponagle, 8-Jim Levan, 9-Mike Fitzgerald (1 win), 10-Dave Fitzgerald.  Mike Feltenberger and Bryan Kistahrt had some trouble with Lane 1 costing them both finishes outside the Top 10.  Mike Fitzgerald came home 9th in the 2nd race but had a bubble out n lane 7 which cost him a Top 5 finish if he wouldn’t have bubbled out.  Randy Haydt had a Top 10 in the 1st race and in between races try to make the car better for the 2nd race but somehow made the car go in the opposite direction that he wanted as he finished worse bringing home a 11th place finish.  We will be back in action at Randy’s Raceway this Tuesday Night November 11th with the Modified Division on the Tri-Oval.  That’s all I have for now see you and talk to you on Tuesday Night.