Toby Reinhard Gets First Sprint Car Win

Sprint car racing returned to the 8 lane fast track Tuesday night at Randy’s Raceway for race 3 of the 6 race season and Toby Reinhard scored 4 segment wins and 4 other strong runs of high 19’s to claim his 1st career Sprint car win. Toby’s win was by only 23 pieces of track ahead of Jim LeVan. Jim also had a fast Orange #1 winning 2 segments for his season best 2nd place finish. Opening night winner Mark Williams scored 2 segment wins to come home with a 3rd place finish.

Only 24 pieces of track behind, Cory Reinhard won 1 segment but a crash out on lane 4 cost him a shot of a better finish. Cory still came back for a season best 4th place finish. Bryan Kisthardt scored 1 segment win on lane 5 to close out the Top 5. 6th Scott Bender ( 1 win ) / 7th Brian Vanbuskirk / 8th Billy Decker / 9th Tom Wenner / 10th Sanvannah Cunnius.


Congrats goes out to Team Reinhard racing as Toby scored the win, Cory finished 4th, Savvy scoring her 1st segment win and a nice 10th place finish. Way to go ! Good having new comers Tom Wenner and Randall Heilman with us, Tom made his 1st laps at Randy’s Raceway and a good 9th place finish. Also good run by Brian Vanbuskirk who scored his best Sprint Car finish 7th. Adam Z. struggled on the inside lanes but came back strong winning 3 segments on lanes 6, 7, & 8. Toby’s win makes it 3 different winners in 3 races. THANKS to Linda Decker for the great tasting cookies she sent along.


Modified Holiday race 25 laps on the 8 lane.