Williams, Kenderdine, Berks Lebanon Winners at Woodland

1st Mark Williams     2nd Sheldon Hiester 3rd Ed Kenderdine

The field of 16 cars ready for the drivers to start their engines

The field of 16 cars ready for the drivers to start their engines

Race 4 of the BLMRS took place on Saturday at Woodland Raceway in Oley Pa, the Big Block Mods opened the day and Mark Williams scored 3 segment wins on way to his 3rd straight Big Block win of the season. It was his 7th career Big Block win. Mark’s win was by only 18 pieces of track ahead of Sheldon Hiester who scored 4 segment wins on way to a 2nd place finish. Only 2 pieces of track behind, Ed Kenderdine turned in a career best 3rd place finish scoring 4 segment wins.

Randy Haydt scored 2 segment wins on lanes 1&2 on his way to a 4th place finish. Tim “Litttle T” Bowers scored 1 segment win, his 3rd Top 5 of the season. Fred McCullough scored 1 segment win to finish 6th followed by Shane Hiester who won 1 segment finishing 7th. Scott Bender finished 8th, Randall Heilman with a good run was 9th, Toby Reinhard was 10th.

Team T C S – L to R – Toby Reinhard / Savannah Cunnius / Austin Yerk / Cory Reinhard

11thTom Wenner, 12thCory Reinhard, 13th Billy Decker, 14th Savannah Cunnius, 15th Bruce Komoldi, 16th Austin Yerk.


Ed Kenderdine Scores first Small Block Career Win

Following up his strong run in the Big Block Main, Ed Kenderdine scored 2 segment wins on way to his 1st career Small Block Modified win. Trailing Ed by 14 pieces of track, Fred McCullough turned in his best Small Block run scoring 3 segment wins finishing 2nd. Just 2 pieces of track behind Randy Haydt scored 4 segment wins for a strong 3rd place finish.


1st Ed Kenderdine / 2nd Fred Mccollough / 3rd Randy Haydt


Tim LittleT” Bowers scored 3 segment wins on the middle lanes on way to a 4th place finish. Sheldon Hiester scored 2 segment wins to finish 5th. Mark Williams scored 1 segment win to finish 6th. Toby Reinhard scored 1 segment win to finish 7th. Shane Hiester finished 8th, Cory Reinhard was 9th, Savannah Cunnius closed out the Top 10.

11th Scott Bender, 12thTom Wenner, 13th Billy Decker, 14th Randall Hielman, 15th Bruce Komoldi, 16thAustin Yerk.

Austin learning some maintenance tips from Uncle Cory



Even big kids play with little toy cars

WOODLAND NOTES: Good run in Big Blocks for Randall Heilman coming home with a 9th place finish. Lane 2 was the hot lane in Big Block  as we had 7 different segment winners. Ed’s win in Small Block now makes it 4 different  winners in 4 races. Good having youngster Austin Yerk back with us and Bruce Komodi making his 1st start in the Series. THANKS to Mark and Jody for all the fine food and drinks we all enjoyed and to Rachael and Jody for doing a fine job with the scoring for both classes.

Everyone has a smirk on their face. OK Ed what was the joke ?

Final race Saturday March 9th @ Randy’s Raceway on the 8 lane.

All photos by: Scott bender