Williams Wins Sprint Finale Haydt Takes Championship

Mark Williams capped off the Sprint car season with his 2nd win of the year, scoring 5 segment wins. Mark’s win was less than 1 lap ahead of Randy Haydt who dominated the season from the start was 2nd, also claiming 5 segment wins. Cory Reinhard returned to his Sprint car form of last year as he scored 1 segment win, turning in a season best 3rd place run. Scott Bender had a steady run as he collected a 4th place finish. Toby Reinhard scored 1 segment win to finish 5th, that was his 3rd Top 5 finish of the year.

6th Jim L. (1win),  7th Tom W (1win),  8th Brian S.,  9th Billy D (1win), 10th Brian V., 11th Tony Z, 12th Jay B, 13th Larry S, 14th Mike Z, 15th Austin Yerk.


Good having Mike Z back with us getting his 1st chance running these Super fast machines. Mike did well not having any crash outs. In need of a sharp Sprint car body check out the ones Toby is making. Congrats to our Sprint car champ Randy Haydt, more on that when the Sprint car Review comes out after the season. Modifieds are back on the 8 lane next week.