2019-2020 Randy’s Raceway NASCAR Season Review

Mark Williams secures the Nascar Point Championship riding a 4 feature win run. Legendary driver Mark Williams continues to set the mark as the driver to beat at Randy’s Raceway. Mark won 4 of the 7 feature events run at Randy’s. Leading the way with 27 segment wins over the schedule of the season. A total of 25 drivers raced during the season battle at Randy’s Raceway. Finishing in 2nd place is track owner Randy Jay Haydt. Randy won the final Nascar feature event of the season to cap his consistent 2nd place run of the season. Randy scored 22 segment wins over the course of the season long run. Jim LeVan rounds out the Top 3 point award finishing spots for the Nascar division. Jim was a feature event winner on the single run of the Aurora Tub Track. Jim score 15 segment wins over the course of the season long battle. Finishing 4th in points was Tom Wenner, Tom was the Opening Night Nascar feature event winner. Tom had 16 segment wins during the season of Nascar racing. Wrapping up the Top 5 in points, Brian Sponagle, Spoons scored 10 segment win while racing to the Top 5 point finish. Cory Reinhard finished 6th in points, While scoring 9 segment wins.  Leader of TCSAW Racing, Toby Reinhard finished 7th in points scoring 9 segment wins. Chris Brubaker finished finished 8th in points with 3 segment wins on the season. Mike Mackaravitz finished 9th in Nascar points, The highest finishing rookie driver. Mike scored 4 segment wins. Finishing in the 10th spot, Veteran Racer John Kosmoski 

Rest of the Point Finishing Field:

11th – Billy Decker / 5 segment wins

12th –  James Hammershock / 3 segment wins

13th –  Scott Bender

14th –  Tony Zappacosta

15th –  Larry Sanders

16th –  Joel Laudenslager

17th –  Brian Vanbuskirk

18th –  Robert London

19th –  Little T  – Tim Bowers / 5 segment wins

20th –  Savannah Cunnius

21st –   Hiram Durant

22nd –  Mike Fitzgerald / 1 segment win

23rd –  Austin Yerk

24th –   Nick Wummer / 4 segment wins

25th –   Phil Levering

Hard Body Notes:

14 Racers attended all 7 Nascar events. 2 with only 1 missing event. Top 4 in points won all feature events this season. The Nascar division is the only division that runs races on all 3 Randy’s Raceway Tracks. Congrats to Jim LeVan winning back to back feature wins on the Aurora Tub track the last 2 years. Tom Wenner won the 2nd race last year, This years schedule only had 1 race. The point races are extremely tight, Check out the finishes – 1 point difference between 3rd and 4th place, 1 point separates 7-8-9th place. Congrats to Mike Mackaravitz who is the Rookie of the year for Nascar. Mike beat, James Hammershock and Joel Laudenslager for the rookie crown. Thank You to everyone that supported Randy’s Raceway in 2019-2020, Our 20th Anniversary will be a special one. Be Safe & Be well, Tom..