Sheldon Hiester Stakes Claim to the ’22 Randy’s Raceway Sprint Car Title

Randy’s Raceway Sprint Car Championship Night Race Results from Tuesday, March 29th

Sheldon Hiester stakes claim to the ’22 Randy’s Raceway Sprint Car Title with his 3rd Sprint Car feature win of the season

In the final race event of the ’22 season, The 410 Sprint Cars were scheduled on the Randy’s Raceway 8 Lane Oval. Sheldon Hiester and Matt Light came into the event in a tie for the championship points. Both drivers entered the evening tied in points and feature wins with 2 a piece. In what was a very stressful night for Sheldon, He broke his ride winning car down and rebuilt it in the pit area right before green flag racing started. The attention in the pit area certainly helped the Hiester 410, Sheldon was on the mark winning 5 straight segments and coming close in the 6th. Sheldon only de-slotted 3 times all night. With the victory, Sheldon secured the ’22 Sprint Car title by 3 points. Finishing in 2nd place was Matt Light who had an equally rewarding season in 410 competition. Light won 2 A Mains and came into the race tied. Light won 3 segments on the night and just missed the win and title by a mere 3 points. Light was near perfect with car control as he only had 1 de-slot all night. Congrats to Sheldon & Matt for a great finish to the 410 Sprint Car class. 3rd place podium driver was none other than our own Randy Jay Haydt. Haydt only won 1 segment, but was very consistent all season in 410 competition. Haydt secured 3rd place in the season long points battle.

4th – Tony Zappacosta – 2 segment wins

5th – Tom Wenner

6th – Shane Hiester

7th – Jordan Hess

8th – Jim LeVan – 1 segment win

9th – Mike Fitzgerald – 1 segment win

10th – Bill Decker

11th – Scott Bender

12th – Eric Beard – 1 segment win

13th – Hiram Durant

14th – Brian Vanbuskirk

Sideboard Notes:

14 drivers in the attendance. Sadly, The final race of the ’22 season. A special Thank You to everyone who raced at Randy’s Raceway in 2022. Randy opens up his doors every Tuesday without question for us all to enjoy the competition and hobby. Thank You, Randy Jay Haydt! How about Tony Zappacosta wheeling the Beard Racing Team 410 to 4th place. Eric has a strong pit box of 410’s and Tony Zappacosta showed us on Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 5th

Randy’s Raceway Awards Banquet

630p Start

Pizza will be ordered for everyone in attendance. Plenty of drinks will be available

IROC Racing – Randy’s Raceway Tyco Rigs and Trailers will be raced after the awards presentation is completed.

2022 Sprint Car Winners

Sheldon Hiester – 3

Matt Light – 2

Eric Beard – 1

2022 Sprint Car Final Points – Top 10:

Sheldon Hiester – 491

Matt Light – 488

Randy Jay Haydt – 476

4th – Shane Hiester – 443

5th – Eric Beard – 423

6th – Scott Bender – 414

7th – Jim LeVan – 409

8th – Tony Zappacosta – 403

9th – Bill Decker – 399

10th – Mike Fitzgerald – 340

Congrats to the 4 Randy’s Raceway Champions

IROC – Michael Mackaravitz

NASCAR – Randy Jay Haydt

Modified – Matt Light

Sprint Car – Sheldon Hiester