by Mark Williams

Brett Gilmore won for the third time this season as he dominated the field
this week at Randy’s Raceway. 

Gilmore won all 8 segments for the first time
in his career.  The battle was for second with ageless veteran Sam Heller
getting it done this time.  Third was Billy Decker who continues his hot
streak during the current season.  Fourth was Scott Bender followed by Bob
Amore who recorded his best finish of the year.  Flagger Kenny Gilmore
oversaw the field of 12 racers.

We will hold our Mall show meeting on November 18, 2008 please plan to attend right
after the Modified race.  Although we had only 12 racers how tough is it to even
crack the top ten anymore.  Nice to see Bill Brenner make his first start of
this year.  I don’t no who counted this week but thanks for getting it right
Sheldon.  Shane Hiester had a tough time with turn 4 this week what was that
all about?  Randy reports good progress on the mall platform.  Thanks to
Monk for the lumber.