Brushes a gray area written rule ?

 It seems what is written as the brushes rule: "May be split but not

This not clear to say that a hole can not be put there by picking or
scrapping one there with an xacto knife blade. Years ago at a different
track a few racers were drilling their brushes completely through from
front to back. They discovered it gave more RPM’s to some cars. At that
time the brush rule was a gray area also and someone found a way to get
more speed from some of the cars that this idea happened to work in. At the
end of the season the rule was changed to say, "no drilling of brushes".
Everyone racing at that time understood what the rule meant and what not to

   But as the years of racing continue and older racers (like me) who were
there when the rules were changing still write the rules as remembered. At
this time not realizing how they may be bent to be meaning something
different. Other racers enter the mix that did not race when the rules were
changing and are reading rules that were thought to be a given and

    I enjoy having racers come from all locations to fill the starting grid
at the tracks I build. I want to keep the rulebook to one page and let the
racers modify their cars to go faster by the rules that are written. It has
been this way for 8 years and collectively during those 8 years I cannot
thank everyone enough for how rule issues were handled and what they
contributed to making my tracks grow in numbers.

    This brush issue came up once after a Berk’s race and also at another
area racetrack. Both were gray area rule issues by interpretation "no
drilling of brushes". At the time it was discovered all talked it about,
but no one really pressed the issue of the rule interpretation, so I left
it slide and probably shouldn’t have. So before this may turn into more of
an issue I will make a ruling on this item.

    I do realize we just had our first Modified race, but this must be
addressed now so the remainder of the season we are all clear on the brush

No holes may be made in the brushes for any reason or by any means.  RE
drilling, picking, scraping.

Thank you to all our regulars for understanding the tracks position on this
and let’s have a great season.