Bryan Kisthardt Wins Sprint Car Closer

The sprint cars ran it’s 6th and final race of the season Tuesday night on the 8 lane fast track and Bryan Kisthardt scored his 2nd straight win of the season. Running the Fred Rahmer # 51 Bryan swept all 6 segments on way to the win along with only 1 fall off. Only 1 lap behind Scott Bender finished off a great season with 1 segment win and no fall offs to finish 2nd and winning the Championship. Also 1 lap behind Mark Williams scored 3 segment wins to cross the line 3rd. Brian Vanbuskirk just missed scoring his 1st sprint car segment win but turned in a career best 4th place finish. Dave Fitzgerald also turned in a steady run scoring his best Sprint car run coming home 5th.

6th Randy Haydt ( 1win ) / 7th Toby Reinhard / 8th Tony Zappacosta ( 1win ) / 9th Brian Sponagle / 10th Billy Decker

Mark Williams Scores 3rd IROC Win

The 6 lap IROC race finished off the evening running Hot Stock Tyco Pan Chassis cars and Mark Williams scored 3 segment wins to claim his 2nd straight IROC win and 3rd of the season. Looking for that 1st IROC win Bryan Kisthardt scored 3 segment wins for a close 2nd place finish. Trailing Bryan by only 11 pieces of track Randy Haydt scored 3 segment wins to finish 3rd. Making only his 2nd start of the IROC season Adam Zappacosta turned in a very strong 4th place finish. Only 7 pieces of track behind Toby Reinhard scored his 4th Top 5 finish in IROC finishing 5th.

6th Brian Vanbuskirk ( 1win ) / 7th Scott Bender / 8th Tony Zappacosta ( 2wins ) / 9th Brian Sponagle / 10th Dave Fitzgerald ( 1 win )

Fast Facts
Want to thank Bob Amore for sponsoring the Sprint car action Tuesday and the entire Sprint car season hope to see you back soon. Good to see new faces breaking in the Top 5, Brian Van buskirk with a good 4th place finish, Dave Fitzgerald with a 5th place run, and Tony Zappacosta got his 1st Sprint car segment win, and 8th place finish. Good to see Gary Zappacosta in the IROC field hope he is in the field again. Good run by Adam Zappacosta finishing 4th and Brian Vanbuskirk scoring a segment win and 6th place finish.