ECHORR Blast to the Past 4th of July Event

Saturday was the beginning of a beautiful 4th of July weekend. Sixteen racers came to Kutztown, PA for the annual Randy’s Raceway 4th of July Blast to the Past racing activities.

Practice on Saturday had nine drivers take advantage of the pre-race tech and tune. The Whelen Modified Body cars ( Indy chassis ) were going to be raced on the Tri-oval this year. It was a good idea by most racers to practice a little more on that track. After Saturday’s practice a few of us once again walked to the local tavern for good food and sprits and had nice time.

Sunday morning came along and five of us went to Letterman’s Diner, this is Henry’s favorite breakfast spot in Kutztown. After that it was time to get back to the tracks and get practice started.

The racers started coming in and donuts and coffee were there to be had for an early morning snack.

Because the Tri-oval track is the food table the Whelen Modifieds were first on the schedule running 2 minute heats. The cars were called to pre-tech, checked, and the racing began.

Hiram Durant ( Maryland ) showed everyone how his car made the left hand turns look easy taking first by exactly 5 laps. He must have practiced somewhere while on vacation ? Second place was the veteran racer Joe Rinn ( New Jersey ) running very well on the tri-oval 3 laps over Third. Steve Nilson ( Connecticut ) was the that third place finisher also showing us what his car can do on the tri-oval. Fourth had a three-way tie between Dan Wirfel ( Pennsylvania ), Dave Kaiser aka Flash ( Connecticut ), and Jeff Harker ( New Jersey ). Dan took home fourth by 8 sections over fifth place Flash who was 13 sections over sixth place Jeff ( nice run Jeff ).

This was the inaugural race on this tri-oval track and I must say a few of us were skeptical of how the racing would be. Everyone handled it very well and we will be running this track next year.

The racing was finished and the track became a food table for Spud’s to set up their food feast. When everyone one finished eating, socializing, and relaxing, it was time for Joe Rinn to tell the host to have snickers and a beer. If you ever hosted a race you know why, the doors just do not open and you race. ( right ? Henry )

Racing next was the Muscle Car Body ( Nostalgia chassis ) on the Tub Track running 2 minute heats. After settling down with the remedy recommended by Joe, Randy Jay Haydt ( Pennsylvania track owner ) took home first by only 8 sections. Once again there was a three-way tie this time for second. Flash who always runs great in PA was second by 13 sections over Brian Sponagle ( Pennsylvania ) who is a home track racer having a great run. Finishing fourth by 3 sections behind Brian was Dennis Moore ( New Jersey ). In fifth place running tough was Vic Quiones ( New Jersey ) and Henry Harnish ( New Jersey ) in sixth.

The racing was now over for this class and the main event with Original Aurora Body ( Super Stock chassis ) was next running 3 minute heats. Randy Jay Haydt taking his second win for the day by 6 sections in a tie for first. Randy is no longer allowed to drink and drive. Flash finished second ran tough all day and is a great competitor on the track. Close in third place by 1 lap down was Pit Stop. He had a rough run in purple and if he had one more lap he would have made it three-way tie for first or a possible win ?

Hiram took the forth getting caught in traffic from time to time put him out of the top contention by a few laps. Steve was fifth also with a rough start in purple. Sixth was Dan who just started racing with us this year. Dan shows he can put on the heat against the best.

Thank you to all the racers who traveled and supported this event. It was great to have 3 racers from the East Coast Outlaws make the trip from the north to race with us ( Steve, Flash, Mr. CRB ). Thank you to the racers who pitched in and help with running the races. We had a full day to spend with friends and the side effect was racing.

All racing was fast, competitive, and close, but most of all was fun for everyone who was here.

Next year all three tracks will be used and new body styles are approved for the Indy and Nostalgia chassis.

Thank you for a great weekend !

Pictures and scores are below ( click on all images for larger view )

Car pictures show 1st through 4th ( left to right )                                                         Racing scores

ModifiedsIndy Whelen Modified Body

Muscle CarNostalgia Muscle Car Body

AuroraSuper Stock Aurora Body

Randy Jay Haydt

Randy’s Raceway