by Scott Bender

Cup and I R O C racing returned to Monks track on Tuesday night.

The third cup race of the year, and Kenny Gilmore won 5 segments on way to his 2nd cup win of the year. Opening night winner Billy Decker ran his yellow #98 to a narrow 2nd place finish, winning 2 segments. Only 1 piece of track behind, Jim Levan turned in another good cup run, winning 2 segments, to finish third. Scott Bender ran the blue #12 to a fourth place finish. Bruce Heller looked real good on the inside lanes running the silver #3 car to a fifth place finish, a season best finish.
6th Mark Williams (1win), 7th Bob Amore, 8th Randy Haydt, 9th Alex Amore, 10th Phil Levering.


The third I R O C race of the year featured Aurora T-Jets, this was a fun and action packed 5 lapper. Phil Levering who has plenty of experience racing these cars showed everyone how to get these cars around the track. Phil won 2 segments on way to his 1st career win at Randy’s Raceway, the third different winner in this class. Randy Haydt and Jim Levan tied for second, but Randy won 2 segments while Jim score 1 win. Only 3 pieces of track behind Mark Williams turned in a nice fourth place finish with 1 segment win. Kenny Gilmore, only 2 pieces of track behind Mark, won 1 segment to close out the top 5. 6 th   Bob Amore, 7th Billy Decker, 8th Scott Bender, 9th Alax Amore, 10th Bruce Heller.