Haydt Sweeps Twin NASCAR Event

Veteran Randy Haydt won both halves of the twin 10 lap event for the Nascar division at Balmy Randy’s Raceway in Kutztown PA USA.  Haydt won 4 segments to win the first show by a mear 15 pieces of track over the current points leader Jim LeVan.  Third spot went to Cory Reinhard with all strong 9 lap runs.  Fourth was Mark Williams after winning a single segment on lane 2.  Rounding out the top 5 was Laudan Segfried.  The newcomer won 4 segments and narrowly missed winning a fifth.  A lane 1 issue cost him a bit.

Randy Haydt took advantage of 3 segment wins to also claim the top spot in the 2nd half of the show.  He was only 7 pieces of track away from a perfect score.  Runner-ups on the nightcap were Cory Reinhard with 2 segment wins and his second top 3 of the night  and in a tie Laudan Segfried.  Segfried won 3 segments in a strong run.  Fourth spot was Mark Williams with 3 segment wins followed by Jim LeVan with a single win.  The top five spots in both events were the same 5 drivers just some different finishing positions.


Let us know how you all liked this format for future planning.  15 racers were in attendance on a very cold night.  Tom Wenner scored a very popular segment win in the final 10 lapper of the evening!!  Chris Brubaker (can’t say his name) wound up 9th and 6th on the night, getting those two top tens.  Good to see Tony Zappacosta get a segment win and just missed on two others.  The veteran from the mountains Billy Decker had a pair of 7th place finishes.  7 is a good number by the way.  Well wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Scott Bender.


A new wrinkle for the next Sprint Race on January 16th will be the addition of a 3 lap Cash Dash.  After the Sprint event we will run a 3 lap race for the nights segment winners with $5 on the line to the winner.