I R O C Point Contenders Split Twin Bill

by Mark Williams

Mark Williams the current I R O C points leader won the first half

and Randy Haydt the challenger came home the winner in the nightcap.  In the first show Williams won by 18 pieces and took two segment wins on Monks track.  Second spot went to veteran racer Bob Amore who also won 2 segments.  Finishing third after a strong run was Jim Levan winner of 2 segments as well.  Randy Haydt ended up fourth followed by Billy Decker.
In the second show Haydt came home the winner after rubbing rails in many closely contested segments, taking 3 of the 10 lappers.  Alex Amore scored his best career finish coming home second and really just missing the win.  Amore won 3 segments and overcame a bubble out to grab second place with the very drivable Tyco pan chassis cars.  Mark Williams was third and also won 3 segments.  Fourth in this show was Billy Decker with 1 segment win and Phil Levering rounded out the top 5 and had 2 segment victories.
Did everybody have a chance to see Randy’s new monitor.  Don’t forget to ask Jim who he thinks is an excellent racer.  Bob may need some help hooking up to the right lane from now on.  Alex Amore ended up with 5 segment wins between the two shows, way to go Alex I always knew you could do it.

The store for the Mall show is right next door to the Verizon Wireless store near the Cinema entrance.  It looks like we will fit in there nicely.  A special thanks to everyone who sold and bought subs, we have over 300 sold and can still except additional orders.  See Randy or Mark.  Also thanks to Crystal, Monk, Brett and Frank for coming out to turn in their orders even though they were not racing this week.  The States is really shaping up to be a great show.