Jim Levan Captures the 2018-19 Randy’s Raceway NASCAR Point Championship

Today we will be looking back in review of the 2018-19 Nascar division at Randy’s Raceway. Berks racer Jim Levan captured the season long Nascar point championship. The championship title came down to the final night of racing on March 26 as less than 10 points separated Jim and 2nd place point racer from Oley Mark Williams. Both racers came ready for battle on the final night and Jim scored the commanding race win on the final night by 8 track pieces over Mark to secure his point title. 6 Points separated the top 2 spots, Tyco Legend Mark Williams finished in 2nd. Track Promoter, Randy J. finished in 3rd. Boyertown Hot Shoe Cory Reinhard capped a great season in 4th. Veteran Ace Brian Sponagle finished in the 5th spot. Blandon Rookie Tom Wenner finished 6th, Boyertown Ace Toby Reinhard finished 7th, Capping off a full set of team TCS drivers in the top 10, Savy Cunnius finished 8th, Veteran Billy Decker in 9th, and rounding out the top 10 is Chris Brubacher in 10th.

11th spot went to Ed Kenderdine, 12th to John Kosmoski, 13th Brian Vanbuskirk, 14th to Larry Sanders, 15th to Rookie Robert London, 16th Tony Zappacosta, 17th to Adam Zappacosta, 18th to Rookie Mike Mackaravitz, 19th to Rookie Tjet Ace Hiram Durant, completing the top 20, 20th Nick Wummer.

The Nascar division features Tyco 440×2 Hard Body Nascar style race cars. This division gets the opportunity to race on all 3 tracks at Randy’s, The 8 Lane Oval, Tricky Tri-Oval and the always challenging Tough Tub Track.

25 Racers ran Nascar events throughout the 2018-19 season at Randy’s Raceway. Mark Williams won 4 feature wins during the season. Jim Levan scored 2 feature wins. Randy J., Corey and Rookie Tom Wenner scored single feature wins.

Sixteen drivers scored segments victories in Nascar over the season. Mark Williams led the way with 34 wins, Jim Levan was followed up in 2nd with 29 wins, Cory Reinhard in 3rd with 22, Randy J. with 20 in 4th, Brian Sponagle with 14 Rounding out the top 5, Savanna Cunnius from team TCS nailed down 6th with 13. Tom Wenner in 7th with 11 segment wins, Toby Reinhard in 8th with 10, Adam Zappacosta in 9th with 5, In the 10th, Nick Wummer with 4 segments wins.

Congrats to the Champ-Jim Levan and all the racers for a great Nascar Season. Reminder that Summer Tech Sessions and Practice Dates are posted. May 14, June 11, July 9th, and August 13th.