LeVan Captures Sprint Title

Veteran racer from Reading Jim LeVan won the Sprint car Point Championship for the 2017/ 2018 season at Randy‚Äôs Raceway.  LeVan won the season opener on September 19th ans then closed out the year with a win on March 13th to take the title by a mear 3 points.  In between the two victories Jim was never lower than 3rd at the end of the night and finished with 18 segment wins.  Mark Williams was runner-up in points after scoring three feature wins in a row but having mechanical issues the last race and dropped out of the event.  Williams won 14 segments.  Cory Reinhard scored his best season finish in Sprints coming home third, picking up 10 segment wins and all top 4 finishes.  Rookie racer Laudan Seigfried was fourth with 7 segment wins and two 2nd place feature finishes.  Randy Haydt rounded out the top five  and scored 5 segment victories.  The rest of the top 10 in points went as follows 6th-Scott Bender, 7th– Toby Reinhard, 8th– Billy Decker, 9th– Savannah Cunnius, 10th– Nick Wummer.


Points- Jim LeVan 391, Mark Williams 388, Cory Reinhard 367, Laudan Seigfried 364, Randy Haydt 361, Scott Bender 356, Toby Reinhard 347, Billy Decker 341, Savannah Cunnius 313, Nick Wummer 307, Larry Sanders 303, Brian VanBuskirk 248, Brian Sponagle 242, Tony Zappacosta 235, Ed Kenderdine 226.

Race Wins  Career Wins ()

FEATURE WINS- Mark Williams 3 (18 career wins), Jim LeVan 2 (6 career wins)

SEGMENT WINS- Jim LeVan 18 (127), Mark Williams 14 (174), Cory Reinhard- 10 (13), Laudan Seigfried- 7 (7), Randy Haydt- 5 (93), Scott Bender- 3 (43), Billy Decker- 3 (27), Toby Reinhard- 3 (14), Bryan Kisthardt- 2 (38), Bob Amore- 1 (22), Brian Vanbuskirk- 1 (1), Nick Wummer- 1 (1), Tony Zappacosta- 1 (2).

FALL OFF AVERAGE (min. 3 races) Scott Bender 7.60, Brian Sponagle 8.67, Mark Williams 9.60, Jim LeVan 10.80, Brian Vanbuskirk 11.33.