LeVan Wins Nascar Final Feature and Captures the Championship

Veteran Jim LeVan took advantage of his number 2 draw and won three segments on his way to a victory in the final Nascar feature of the season.  With the win LeVan was able to lock up the point title on the last evening.  In addition to the 3 segment wins that the Reading Racer had he also only had a single fall-off.  Second went to Mark Williams who won 4 segments and fell 6 points short of winning the Nascar title this season.  Third spot went to the Boyertown Bullet Cory Reinhard driving out of team TCS.  Reinhard won 2 segments.  Fourth position was Tom Wenner from Blandon.  Wenner won 3 segments in his Tony Stewart Replica Home Depot machine.  And rounding out the top five was Brian Sponagle.  Spoons won 1 segment in his Miller light racer.

Mark Williams won the IROC closing race after winning a single segment.  This was his first IROC feature win this year.  Runner-up position went to Chris Brubaker who ran the Spoons prepped T-Jets real well.  The Manheim driver won 1 segment.  Third spot went to Mike Mackaravitz which was his career best winning 2 segments on the race card.  Fourth went to Mr IROC and Point Champion for this season Randy Haydt.  Haydt won 2 segments.  Rounding out the first 5 was Ed Kenderdine.

It was great to see Young James Hammershock record wins number 1 and two in the IROC portion of the show.  14 drivers stayed for the IROC show including newcomer John Meirs.  Welcome John.  Randy Haydt had an off night in his Cup car finishing 9th.  Rob London had gear issues and had to drop out early on.  Chris Brubaker returned after a short absence and wound up 7th in Nascar and 2nd in IROC.