Mark Williams Makes it 4 in a Row

Mark Williams made it 4 modified wins in a row Tuesday night at Randy’s Raceway on the Tri-Oval, Mark won all 6 segments on way to the win. Jim LeVan broke out of his early season troubles with a strong 2nd place finish, scoring 3 segment wins. Randy Haydt continues to turn in good Modified finishes scored a 3rd place finish, winning 3 segments on lanes 4, 5, &6. Brian Sponagle turned in another good effort on the Tri-Oval, scoring 1 segment win to hold on to a close 4th place finish. Only 4 pieces of track behind was Billy Decker scoring his 2nd straight Top 5 finish, winning 1 segment to finish 5th.6th Chris Brubaker ( 2 wins ) / 7th Adam Zappacosta ( 1 win ) / 8th Cory Reinhard / 9th Scott Bender / 10th Toby Reinhard.


Thanks to Gary Zappacosta  for sponsoring the racing action. Good to see Bill Brenner back with us, hope to see him again. Nice field of 17 racers in the pits. Good runs by Chris Brubaker with a season best 6th, along with 2 segment wins. Adam Zappacosta with a 7th his 1st segment win also. Savvy also had runs of 18 and getting better every week. The 1st “Special Event” race was discussed and that will be on Thursday, December 8th and will be sponsored by Billy Decker. It will be NASCAR hard bodies race on the Tri-Oval just for fun no points. Toby Reinhard has a good collection of bodies for sale if you need one for this race.


NASCAR and IROC racing on the 8 lane.