Message from Randy Part 1


  All I can say is what a great season this past year has been. During the middle of last season old friendships were renewed and by the end of the season more new friendships were forged.

With all that being said there will be a strong start for the upcoming season ahead. What we are going to do in 08 – 09 will knock you socks off.

  A few minor rule changes and new racing procedures decided by the racers will make smoother running of the racing events. There will be a fulltime flagman (Monk) and scorekeeper (Crystal). These two positions managed by them will add consistency to the racing program, especially with the higher number of racers now at Randy’s Raceway.

  Sorry but there is no schedule as of now. The new schedule is in the print shop and new sponsors are still signing on for the new season.

  There will be more on this in my next message from Randy.

   I would like to thank everyone who has raced here at Randy’s Raceway and helped this track grow in new friendships and just having fun racing little toy cars.