Message from Randy Part 2

 The new Randy’s Raceway schedule is posted and there is lots of fun and racing action for everyone to enjoy. Everyone is welcome at Randy’s Raceway, what a great season we have ahead of us.

  This season will have division changes, revised scheduling, new sponsors, and new ideas all thanks to the input of the Racers participating at Randy’s Raceway.
  Lets talk about the division changes:
  The Modified is the main division running for 15 total races during the season and the 2 lowest scores per racer are dropped. The Modified division starts on September 9, 2008 and races every other Tuesday until March 24, 2009 racing only on the 8-lane oval.
  Next is the I R O C Series, this series is probably the most unpredictable racing we do. The cars remain on the lanes and the racers change from car to car. It also provides the best fun and entertainment because each car handles differently and each racer has a different style of driving. Individual sponsors provide all cars for this division and all you need is a controller to race with us and if you do not have one we have extras. The division has expanded from 6 races to a total of 12 throughout the year and will be raced on all 4 racetracks. The 1 lowest score per racer will be dropped in the division.
  The NASCAR Division is running only 8 races this year using the same chassis as the Modified but a NASCAR body instead. By using the same chassis it cuts the costs for the racers who like to race a second division with the cars they build. This division will also run on all 4 racetracks and makes great racing action with full body cars. The 1 lowest score per racer will be dropped in the division.
  The open wheel racing of the Sprint Cars has been cut to 5 races but still includes the Thursday Night Thunder 40 lap special event on January 8, 2009. These 5 races are run on the 3 oval tracks only; there are no dropped races and all 5 races count for points.
  The revised scheduling is all shown on the Randy’s Raceway .net site, click on Race Schedule in the left column under Randy’s Raceway.
  New sponsor brand names brought to us by Ted and Lincoln VanPelt will be Red Bull Energy Drink and Hershey’s Chocolate. Ted and Lincoln will also be sponsoring a Modified race of their own on December 30, 2009. And on January 13, 2009 two Berks County Racers will be inducted into the Berks County HO Hall of Fame presented by Ted and Lincoln VanPelt.
A first for Randy’s Raceway will be a new race day announcement. It is the Wednesday Night Before Thanksgiving Modified race sponsored by Bill Brenner. This will be held on Wednesday night November 26, 2008 and is a non-point race. The above sponsorships are all new for the 08 – 09 season.     The continuing sponsors of special events on the schedule are Mark Williams, Billy Decker, Kenny Gilmore, and Brett Gilmore. Scott Bender always provides great photos for 2 special events throughout the year.
  A big THANKS ! for their support and dedication to the hobby of HO Scale Slot Car Racing.
  More info coming in the next message from Randy.