Michael Mackaravitz and Chris Brubaker Score Convincing Feature Event Wins

Randy’s Raceway FUN Race Results – Tuesday, October 6, 2020

NASCAR  TYCO Feature Winner – Michael Mackaravitz

2nd – Tom Wenner

3rd – Randy Jay Haydt

4th – Bill Decker

5th – Chris Brubaker

6th – Jim LeVan

7th – James Hammershock

Michael Mackaravitz scores a convincing feature event win on NASCAR / IROC night @ Randy’s Raceway. Mike won 2 segments on the way to the win and was in the battle in all 4 races. 2nd Place went to Tom Wenner who also won 2 segments on the night. 3rd place only 1 track piece behind was track owner Randy Jay Haydt. Randy won 1 segment on the way to his podium standing.

IROC Tyco Wide Pan Chassis Dirt Modified Feature Winner – Chris Brubaker

2nd – Randy Jay Haydt

3rd – Jim LeVan

4th – Bill Decker

5th – Michael Mackaravitz

6th- James Hammershock

7th – Tom Wenner

Chris Brubaker streaked to his 1st 2020 IROC Feature event win. Chris ran really strong edging our IROC King Randy Jay Haydt by 2 track sections for the win. Chris won 1 segment on the night. Randy won 2. Jim LeVan finished 3rd only 3 track segments behind Randy for 2nd, And only 5 away from Chris for the win. The top 3 were incredibly close. Jim won 2 segments on the night.

Pit Rumblings:

Congrats to Mike and Chris on their breakthrough feature event wins. 2020 is showing that this year is far more competitive with closer racing than in any year prior. While we are only racing lanes 3-4-5-6 – The racing is extremely tight, Nobody is walking away lapping the field and many races come down to the last lap with photo finishes. Several in both divisions this week once again. While no points are being kept, The coolness factor is pegged every week. Only 7 racers in the house this week, Several guys missing – Hiram, Toby, and Brian. All racing was completed by 800p. I am enjoying the early nights, It is nice to get home early. IROC racing this week – Randy provided TYCO 440X2 Wide Pan Chassis Dirt Mods with 5 ohm armatures by legend Edward Reifinger. These cars rocked around the Randy’s high banks. Good to see Mike and James running power this week. With these head counts, Everyone is jumping in.

Next Week: What everyone is waiting for – Coupe Bodied Modifieds & 410 Sprint Cars on the Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval. Yes, Folks – Wreckers stand by – Sprints on the Tri-Oval.

Doors Open @ 545p

Warmup’s @ 600p

Draw @ 645p

Racing @ 700p (Or earlier if ready)