PA Tyco Series Runs at Randy’s Raceway

Sunday January 19, 2014 was Races #3 & 4 of the 2013-2014 PA Tyco Series Season held at Randy’s Raceway in Kutztown, PA. The first race of the day was held on the Tri-Oval. There were 19 racers in the pits for the event. Taking the win was Shane Hiester. Shane won all 6 segments on the tricky track with just 1 fall off all day. Second went to track owner Randy Haydt. Randy won 5 segments in his first start of the season on the tour. Third went to Sheldon Hiester. Sheldon won 4 segments on the day. Fourth went to Mike Fitzgerald. Mike won 3 segments on the day continuing his strong running early on in the series. Fifth went to Mike “Bear” Feltenberger. Bear won 2 segments on the day. The rest of the top 10 were: 6-Fred McCullough (3 wins), 7-Scott Bender (1 win), 8-Dakota Barlet, 9-Dennis Barlet (1 win), and 10-Andrew Cremer. Some veterans had struggles on the Tri-Oval with Tom Hiester and Billy Decker having nothing but troubles all day on this track. Peyton Kochel made his first ever start on the Tri-oval after only 3 laps of practice, and came home with a 14th place finish. Adam Zappacosta, Tony Zappacosta, and Dakota Kohler made their first starts of the season. It was just a 9 segment separation from first to third. After the first race was complete we packed up the trailer and headed downstairs to eat and race on the fast 8-Lane.
1-Shane Hiester 90.00
2-Randy Haydt 89.29
3-Sheldon Hiester 89.22
4-Mike Fitzgerald 88.29
5-Mike Feltenberger 87.23
6-Fred McCullough 85.17
7-Scott Bender 84.11
8-Dakota Barlet 83.18
9-Dennis Barlet 83.14
10-Andrew Cremer 82.22
11-Tim Kline 82.15
12-Adam Zappacosta 79.11
13-Tony Zappacosta 78.23
14-Peyton Kochel 78.21
15-Tom Hiester 78.02
16-Billy Decker 76.06
17-Dave Fitzgerald 74.00
18-Dakota Kohler 73.01
19-Denise Barlet 72.14
The second race of the day was on the fast 8-Lane track after everyone was full from a good selection of food. Thanks Randy and Denise for the food. There were also 19 racers on hand for this event. Taking the win was Sheldon Hiester. Sheldon won 4 segments on the day. Second went to youngster Peyton Kochel. Peyton won 7 segments on the day in his fast new Lou Cicconi car. He only lost on Lane 1 in his third appearance evre at the speedway. Third went to Fred McCullough. Fred won 4 segments on the day in his new Paul Kline car. Fourth went to Shane Hiester. Shane won 3 segments on the day. Rounding out the top 5 was Andrew Cremer. Andrew 2 segments on the day in his first ever appearance on the 8-Lane. The rest of the top 10 were as follows: 6-Billy Decker, 7-Tom Hiester, 8-Dennis Barlet (2 wins), 9-Dakota Barlet, and 10-Mike Fitzgerald. Mike Feltenberger and Randy Haydt struggled downstairs after having top 5 finishes upstairs. We did two 50/50 raffles with one going to the PA Tyco Sreies and the other to Randy’s Raceway. It was a good fun day of racing with no boundary issues with Scott. Thanks to Randy for hosting a good show. We were done with both shows by 5 o’clock with stopping to eat between the two shows. The next race will be announced when it is figured out.
1-Sheldon Hiester 119.26
2-Peyton Kochel 118.24
3-Fred McCullough 117.21
4-Shane Hiester 117.17
5-Andrew Cremer 116.01
6-Billy Decker 113.10
7-Tom Hiester 113.05
8-Dennis Barlet 112.25
9-Dakota Barlet 112.15
10-Mike Fitzgerald 112.03
11-Randy Haydt 111.18
12-Mike Feltenberger 109.35
13-Tim Kline 107.13
14-Scott Bender 105.37
15-Dakota Kohler 104.18
16-Dave Fitzgerald 101.16
17-Adam Zappacosta 100.15
18-Tony Zappacosta 93.07
19-Denise Barlet 92.11