PA Tyco Series Runs Two Races at Randy’s Raceway

Sunday January 27, 2013 were Races #4 & 5 of the PA Tyco Series at Randy’s Raceway.  Race #5 was held on the 8-Lane Oval.  There were 20 racers in attendance for the event.  Taking the win was Sheldon Hiester.  Sheldon won 6 segments on the day.  Second went to Fred McCullough.  Freddy Mac won 7 segments on the afternoon.  Third went o Shane Hiester. Shane won 4 segments on the day.  Fourth went to Tom Hiester.  The veteran didn’t win anysegments on the day, but ran very well for the first time ever on the 8-Lane track.  Rounding out the top 5 was Billy Decker.  Billy didn’t win any segments either, but he ran good all day long.  The rest of the top 10 were: 6-Mike Feltenberger, 7-Tim Kline (1 win), 8-Dennis Barlet (3 wins), 9-Scott Bender, and 10-Brian Sponagle.  Dakota Barlet and Mike Fitzgerald also won a segment, but both ahd a little trouble navagating another lane or two.  The racing was good on the big 8-Lane oval as the top 2 were separated by only 5 segments. Brian Sponagle accomplished one of his goals in racing as he beat his brother Kevin for the first time.

1-Sheldon Hiester 119.35
2-Fred McCullough 119.30                  PA_Tyco_2013_8_Lane_Oval
3-Shane Hiester 118.01
4-Tom Hiester 116.08
5-Billy Decker 115.23
6-Mike Feltenberger 114.33
7-Tim Kline 114.32
8-Dennis Barlet 113.37
9-Scott Bender 113.17
10-Brian Sponagle 113.10
11-Kevin Sponagle 110.27
12-Brian Palencar 107.34
13-Toby Reinhard 107.08
14-Corey Bailey 107.04
15-Randy Haydt 107.03
16-Mike Fitzgerald 106.27
17-Tony Zappacosta 105.37
18-Tom Spatz 102.36
19-Dakota Barlet 99.11
20-Denise Barlet 95.04

Race #4 of the PA Tyco Series took place on the Short Track at Randy’s Raceway in Kutztown, PA on Sunday January 27, 2013.  There were 20 racers in attendance.  Taking the win was Shane Hiester. Shane won 5 segments on the day.  Second went to Scott Bender. Scott won 2 segments on the day.  Third went to Sheldon Hiester.  Sheldon won 3 segments on the day.  Fourth went to Fred McCullough.  Fred won 4 segments on the day.  Fifth went to Mike Feltenberger.  Bear won 3 segments on the day.  The rest of the top 10 went as follows: 6-Tim Kline (1 win), 7-Mike Fitzgerald (1 win), 8-Tom Hiester, 9-Randy Haydt, and 10-Billy Decker (1 win).  Brian Sponagle and Dakota Barlet also won a segment on the day.  Tim Kline had a strong run in both races for his first time ever seeing either track at Randy’s Raceway turning in two strong top 10 runs.  Kevin Sponagle struggled a bit on both tracks missing the top 10 in both races.  Corey Bailey, Brian Palencart, Toby Reinhard, and Tom Spatz made their first PA Tyco Series starts ever.  Tom Spatz and Brian Palencart turned in a good run on the day.  Tom finishing 12th on the little track, and Bean on the big track.  Corey and Toby both struggled with handling issues.  Denise Barlet didn’t crash out of either race on the day keep up the improvement.  A special thanks to Randy J for the use of his tracks for a series race for the first time in several years.  Also thanks to Randy for the spread of food, and Denise for the good chicken corn noodle soup so I heard.  I didn’t get any because I was doing everything Randy LOL just kidding.  Overall it was a good day of racing, fun for all, and left on full stomachs.  I personally would like to appologize for getting a little out of hand in the first race with my brother. The next race will be listed as soon as we get a date.

1-Shane Hiester 119.13
2-Scott Bender 119.09                                                 PA_Tyco_2013_Short_Track
3-Sheldon Hiester 118.27
4-Fred McCullough 118.17
5-Mike Feltenberger 116.18
6-Tim Kline 115.06
7-Mike Fitzgerald 114.12
8-Tom Hiester 113.27
9-Randy Haydt 112.24
10-Billy Decker 111.25
11-Dakota Barlet 110.18
12-Tom Spatz 110.05
13-Kevin Sponagle 109.26
14-Toby Reinhard 108.11
15-Brian Sponagle 108.00
16-Tony Zappacosta 105.03
17-Brian Palencar 103.21
18-Corey Bailey 103.19
19-Dennis Barlet 103.13
20-Denise Barlet 97.19