Pictures Added to Racing Banquet Held at Randy’s Raceway

by Mark Williams
Wow what a season, record number of racers took
part in the 08/09 season



we had a record point fund to pass out along
with trophies and a platform full of parts, stickers, bodies and goodies. 
Special thanks this year to everyone who had a hand in making the weekly racing
a success.  Also the first attempt at the Mall show was a real bonus and
went over as a hit.  Our promoter Randy Haydt does so much all year to make
all this happen from stitching the hats himself to loading up the sodas in the
fridge and everything in between.  Randy should be in Popular Mechanics
for his Mall track and cart design.  He also got pretty racy this year and
won the IROC points and even placed second in the banquet race.  I would
also like to thank Scott Bender for being our track photographer and helping me
out all season with the articles.  We are also fortunate to have had Monk
flag all year for modifieds and Crystal Bowers who keep score for us.  As
I said we are really lucky to be able to race on 5 different tracks and be
treated so well.  Don’t forget our annual rules meeting get together next
The annual fun race at the banquet was run on
the 8-lane track using IROC cars.  Mark Williams won it for the second
year in a row.  Randy Haydt was second followed by Bob Amore, Shane
Hiester and Troy Bowers who had a really good controller.  We had 18
racers enter the race.



photos by Scott Bender