Randy Haydt, “Little T” Score Opening Day Wins

The 2016-17 season opened on Saturday at Tim “Little T” Bowers Raceway in Myerstown PA and in the Modified Opener Randy Haydt scored 4 segment wins ( more on that later ) on way to the win. Randy’s win was by only 4 pieces of track over Jim LeVan who scored 5 segment wins including no come offs for a Runner up finish. Tim “Little T ” Bowers scored 3 segment wins on lanes 1 – 3 to pick up a 3rd place finish. Toby Reinhard also scored 3 segment wins to pick up a good 4th place finish. Mike Fitzgerald scored 1 segment win to round out the Top 5.

6 – 10 – 6th Dave Kohler ( 1 win ) / 7th Bill Rowley / 8th Adam Zappacosta / 9th Matt Huboky / 10 th Dave Fitzgerald.


In the Sprint cup opener Tim ” Little T “ Bowers ran the Hooter’s #7 to a sweep to claim the win. Jim LeVan turned in another 2nd place finish collecting 3 segment wins. Randy Haydt scored 2 segment wins in his Skoal #33 to finish 3rd. Dave Fitzgerald scored 2 segment wins on lanes 5-6 for a good 4th place finish. Mike Fitzgerald was steady all day and collected his 2nd Top 5 finish of the day

6 – 10 – 6th Bill Rowley / 7th Cory Reinhard / 8th Scott Bender / 9th Toby Reinhard / 10th Matt Hubok


A good opening day field of 14 racers were in the pits, good to see Mike and Dave Fitzgerald making their debut. Dave Kohler turned in a very good 6th place finish in the Modified opener including a segment win. There was a slight delay with the final modified finish, after a screen black out, and other computer issues, Randy came away with the modified win by 4 segments ! ?


Warm ups at 1pm racing at 3pm