Randy Haydt, Mark Williams Tie for Big Block Title

The Berks Lebanon Modified Racing Series recently capped off its 3rd season of racing. But this year’s 6 race season was still not enough as Randy Haydt and Mark Williams finished in a tie for the point title. Mark scored 3 straight mid season wins, along with 2 other top 5’s and the most segment wins with 22. Randy had a string of 6 top 5’s along with 2 wins including a win in the Series final race to force the tie. The Berks Series tie breaking rules gives Mark the title because of his 3 wins. Scott Bender came home 3rd in the final totals, with his best run was a 3rd place finish at Woodland Raceway. Toby Reinhard scored 3 Top 5 finishes to start the season, then just missed out on his 1st Series win in the Opener by 9 pieces of track to finish 2nd. Toby scored 8 segment wins for a solid 4th place finish. Closing out the Top 5 ,just 5 points behind Cory Reinhard had a pair of 4th place finishes, along with 4 segment wins capping off a good season with a 5th place finish.

( 6 – 10 ) Just missing out of the Top 5 by 5 points Jim LeVan scored 3 6th and 3 7th place finishes, along with 7 segment wins to finish 6th. Billy Decker scored 5 Top 10’s his best finish was a 7th on the Tri-Oval in race 2, was 7th in the final totals. After finishing 15th last year Nick Wummer started out the season with a 9th place finish in the Opener, making a good improvement to 8th this year in the final standing. Savannah Cunnius scored 2 top 10 finishes both at Randy’s Raceway on way to a 9th place finish. Bill Rowley who made 5 events had a top 10 finish in the Series Opener, scored 1 segment win to close out the top10.

( 11 – 15 ) – Making 4 races Gary Hetrick had a career best 3rd place finish in race 5 at Tom Wenner’s along with 3 segment wins was 11th. Tom Wenner who made the final 4 events had a 7th place finish at Woodland Raceway finished 12th. Randall Heilman made 4 races had a 12th place finish at Randy’s Raceway on the Tri-Oval was 13th. Bruce Komoldi made the final 4 races finishing 14th. Making 3 races  Sam Heller had a 2nd and 3rd place finish, scored 4 segment wins was 15th.


The 6 race Series had a total of 97 entree’s for a average of 16 per race. Strong group of 29 racers made starts in the Series. Top 7 scored at least 2 segment wins, with a total of 15 different segment winners. This year we had the youngest racer in the Series as 7 year old Austin Yerk made a good debut at Randy’s Raceway running all 8 lanes with no crash out’s. Also had its 1st non stop segment at Woodland Raceway. That included Randy H, Billy D, Rob L, Bruce K, John K, and Ed K. Woodland Raceway also had a season high of 19 racers. Finally good run by John Kosmoski  who recorded his best Berks Series finish a 2nd place run at Tom Wenner’s in race 5. Small Block review in a couple weeks.