Randy Jay Haydt and Mike Fitzgerald are feature event winners on week

 #3 of the FUN themed season.

8 drivers in the house for week #3 of FUN themed racing. Once again racing 3-4-5-6 lanes on the 8 lane oval. NASACR and Race 1 in the IROC Series. Great job by everyone sharing the duties in completing the race night by 815p. NASCAR was up 1st,

Randy Jay Haydt   was on his game winning the feature by 5 segments over Tom Wenner.   Jim LeVan was strong winning 3 segments and only behind 2nd by 4 segments and the win by 9 segments. We have seen some of the tightest racing in years this season.

NASCAR Tyco 440×2 Winner – Randy Jay Haydt

2nd – Tom Wenner

3rd – Jim LeVan

4th – Michael Mackaravitz

5th – James Hammershock

6th – Mike Fitzgerald

7th – Bill Decker

8th – Randy Heilman

IROC Series – Race #1 Tyco US #1 Dump Trucks

Winner – Mike Fitzgerald

2nd – Randy Jay Haydt

3rd – Jim LeVan

4th – Tom Wenner

5th – Michael Mackaravitz

6th – James Hammershock

7th – Randy Heilman

8th – Bill Decker


In the nightcap of the evening – Race 1 for the IROC Series – Michael Mackaravitz  prepped Tyco US #1 Dump Trucks with Slotless Chassis and fabricated guide pins. This was the highlight of the night, These trucks were a blast and meant that you really had to drive it. To say, It was free and loose is an understatement.

Mike Fitzgerald  trucked to the feature event win in a sweep of the 4 segments. Veteran IROC racers Randy Jay Haydt and Jim LeVan completed the podium for the evening. Special Thanks to Randy for trusting us with the early opening on the evening. Kudos to James for Flagging on the night. This season we are teaching some new people different roles to help keep the night moving. It is truly a great experience to see others learning new roles in the club. It was great to have Randy Heilman with us. Hope to see you back soon.

Next week – September 29 – Modified and 410 Sprint Cars

Open to Everyone – No limits on Attendance

MASKS are Mandatory

Doors Open 545p

Warmup’s 600p

Draw 645p

Racing at 700p