Randy Wins Two

Tuesday night January 31, 2012 was the fifth race for the Sportsman and IROC divisions at Randy’s Raceway.  There were 15 racers on hand for the Sportsman portion of the night.  Randy Haydt swept the cat hair away to a two-victory night.  In the Sportsman Randy won 5 segments in route to the victory.  Second went to Fred McCullough who really has figured out the Tri-Oval.  Fred won 5 segments on the night.  Third went to point leader Shane Hiester.  Shane won 1 segment on the night.  Fourth went to Mark Williams.  Mark won 2 segments on the night in his Hiester prepared Sportsman.  Rounding out the top 5 was Sheldon Hiester.  Sheldon won 3 segments on the night.  The rest of the top 10 were 6-Billy Decker (1 win), 7-Scott Bender, 8-Bryan Kisthardt, 9-Bob Amore, and 10-Toby Reinhard.  The racing was very solid all night long.  The track was fast, and it seemed the drivers were getting more comfortable on the tricky track with the recent abundance of racing on it.  Bryan Kisthardt made his second start at Randy’s raceway and has caught on very quickly to the magnet cars.  Bryan is a very good T-Jet racer in the area, and has come to join the field the last few Tuesdays.  Jim Levan had a very tough night in his Sportsman missing the top 10 finishing 11th, which is a rarity for Jim to not be in the mix.
In the IROC race we ran Lifelike cars on the Tri-Oval. There were 13 racers on hand for the nightcap.  Taking the win and sweeping the night was Randy Haydt.  Randy won 2 segments on the night.  Randy now leads the IROC points by 1 point over Shane Hiester heading to the last race on the 8-Lane Oval.  This should be a battle.  Second went to Shane Hiester.  Shane won 2 segments on the night.  Third went to Mark Williams.  Mark won 1 segment on the night.  Fourth went to Sheldon Hiester.  Sheldon won 3 segments on the night.  Fifth went to Fred McCullough.  Fred didn’t win any segments, but was very smooth with the Lifelike car all night.  Rounding out the rest of the field were 6-Jim Levan (1 win), 7-Scott Bender (1 win), 8-Bob Amore (3 wins), 9-Billy Decker, 10-Bryan Kisthardt (2 wins), 11-Brian Vanbuskirk, 12-Toby Reinhard, and 13-Cory Reinhard.  Thanks to Randy for providing relatively even cars for the IROC race.  Some people struggled with these cars, but it brings out the driver in you.  We had trouble with the one car, but once we resolved that everything went smooth.  There is one more race for each of these two divisions, and the points aren’t decided in all of the top positions yet so stay tuned to the last night of the season to see how it all unfolds.
Pit Wanderings
The Hiester Racing stable had a busy night of tuning cars, but with the results they got it was all worth it.  Scott Bender is figuring out the boundaries upstairs, but now he will be confused again since we are downstairs this week.  Congrats to Randy on the sweep good driving RJH, and no the computer didn’t fix his finish this week he earned it.  As I said earlier good to see Bryan Kisthardt take on the challenge of running a magnet car, and I think he may be a regular as I know he purchased cars.  Next week we head back down to the 8-Lane for Modifieds.  Hope you can join us for a cheap night of fun at Randy’s Raceway.  Until next time Shane Hiester reporting from Randy’s Raceway.