Randy’s Raceway 2019-2020 Season Awards Banquet


Randy’s Raceway 2019-2020 Season Awards Banquet & IROC Race Story By: Wenner Media Group

The 2019-2020 Season was finally celebrated in grand style at Randy’s Raceway on Tuesday, August 17, 2021. One of the highlights of racing an entire season at Randy’s Raceway is the annual awards banquet. While this banquet was celebrated post-CV19, We had a great turnout of racers to celebrate the 2019-20′ season. Each season Randy Jay Haydt goes all out for the banquet – He prints a book for every participant that holds stats for every race and all 4 classes that are run at Randy’s Raceway. Feature Winners receive Pit Box decals. Racers receive pit box decals for participation. If you volunteer to assist Randy’s Raceway in a support role during the year, Randy celebrates those who support his track all year with decals. 

Door Prize Donation Special Thanks to:

Billy Decker / Decker Motorsports – Billy donated a pile of door prizes and parts from his speed shop for the racers. Billy has all of the parts you need to go fast during the season.

Little T’s Speedway, Myerstown PA – Tim donated some tire gauges for the racers. Please support Little T’s Speedway & Speed Shop during the season. Word is that Tim is busy building Tyco rockets for all of the area tracks. See Tim if you are interested in a build.

Jim LeVan – Jim donated a very large collection of NASCAR Diecast for the racers door prizes.

Tom Wenner – Tom donated brand new Philadelphia Eagles Hats for the racers as door prizes. 

Special Thanks to Scott Bender for providing photo coverage on the night. Scott takes photos at several local race tracks. If you have a driver or dirt track racing photography need, Please support Scott with those requests. 

Randy’s Raceway Tyco Tractor Trailer IROC Race Results.

Randy built this custom set of Tyco Rigs for a special IROC race. The Awards Banquet served that purpose and these trucks performed flawlessly and were a BLAST to drive. Thanks to Randy for allowing us to race them. The 4 lap IROC races were extremely close and the results showed it. Big Crashes occurred frequently and everyone had fun running these Tyco Beasts. Lane 3-4-5-6 were raced. 4 de-slots allowed. 4 lap races. The trailer was the placement of the de-slot, Not the truck..

IROC Race Results:Winner – Tom Wenner 15-30 Won by 2 track segments / 2nd – Randy Jay Haydt 15-28 / 3rd – Chris Brubaker 15-17 / 4th – James Hammershock 15-12 / 5th – Hiram Durant 15-11 (Tie) / 5th – Brian Sponagle 15-11 (Tie) / 7th – Jim LeVan 15-9 / 8th – Eric Beard 14-35 / 9th – Kris Keiper 14-29 / 10th – Mike Mackaravitz 14-27 

2019-2020 Randy’s Raceway Point Champs

Mark Williams and Randy Jay Haydt were the 2019-2020 Point Champions.

Modified & NASCAR Championships went to Mark Williams. Sprint Car & IROC Championships went to Randy Jay Haydt

Rookie of the Year Award – Michael Mackaravitz

Most Improved Driver Award – Tom Wenner 

Modified Top 10 in Points: Champ – Mark Williams /2nd – Randy Jay Haydt / 3rd – Cory Reinhard / 4th – Jim LeVan / 5th – Tom Wenner / 6th – Toby Reinhard / 7th – Scott Bender / 8th – Billy Decker / 9th – Brian Sponagle / 10th – Mike Mackaravitz 

NASCAR Top 10 in Points: Champ – Mark Williams / 2nd – Randy Jay Haydt / 3rd – Jim LeVan / 4th – Tom Wenner / 5th – Brian Sponagle / 6th – Cory Reinhard / 7th – Toby Reinhard / 8th – Chris Brubaker / 9th – Mike Mackaravitz / 10th – John Kosmoski 

410 Sprint Car Top 10 in Points: Champ – Randy Jay Haydt / 2nd – Mark Williams / 3rd – Tom Wenner / 4th – Scott Bender / 5th – Jim LeVan / 6th – Toby Reinhard / 7th – Billy Decker / 8th – Hiram Durant / 9th – Tony Zappacosta / 10th – Brian Vanbuskirk

IROC Racing Top 10 in Points: Champ – Randy Jay Haydt / 2nd – Brian Sponagle / 3rd – Mike Mackaravitz / 4th – Jim LeVan / 5th – Chris Brubaker / 6th – Hiram Durant / 7th – Scott Bender / 8th – Mark Williams / 9th – Tom Wenner / 10th -Brian Vanbuskirk and Tony Zappacosta 

Check out Randy’s Raceway Facebook for pictures of the event.