Randy Jay Haydt and Michael Mackaravitz split Twin-Doubleheader

TYCO 440×2 Nascar and The famed Randy’s Raceway IROC Series were on tap for Tuesday, October 12, 2021. Both races were run on the Fast 6 Lane Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval. 1st Up – Tyco Nascar and track owner Randy Jay Haydt slayed the field for a strong Nascar feature win . Randy had 4 segment wins and won the feature by 11 total track segments. Randy has certainly come out of the gate strong in his 20th season of racing. Sheldon Hiester secured 2nd spot with a strong run on the Tri-O. Sheldon captured 2 segment wins. Wrapping up 3rd spot and keeping it in the family, Shane Hiester. Shane was only 6 spots out of second place, While winning 3 segments. Shane and Sheldon have come to race in this 20th season of racing at Randy’s Raceway.

4th – Brian Sponagle 2 Segment Wins

5th – Jim LeVan – 1 Segment Win

6th – Chris Brubaker

7th – Bill Decker – 1 Segment Win

8th – Michael Mackaravitz

9th – Scott Bender

10th – Hiram Durant

11th – James Hammershock

12th – Brian Vanbuskirk

13th – Matt Light – 1 Segment Win

14th – Ed Kenderdine

15th – Jordan Hess

Michael Mackaravitz uses homefield advantage and steals the IROC Series Opener behind the controller of his TYCO Quad Hopper IROC Race Cars. Mike won 1 segment on the way to his 1st IROC win of the 21′ season. Matt Light grabbed the 2nd spot with 2 segment wins on the night. Sheldon completed a strong night of racing with the 3rd spot and his 2nd podium position for the evening. Sheldon won 2 segments on the night.

4th – Ed Kenderdine – 1 Segment Win

5th – Jim LeVan – 1 Segment Win

6th – Randy Jay Haydt – 1 Segment Win

7th – Jordan Hess – 2 Segment Wins

8th – Shane Hiester – 1 Segment Win

9th – Brian Vanbuskirk

10th – Chris Brubaker – 1 Segment Win

11th – Brian Sponagle

12th – Hiram Durant

13th – James Hammershock – 1 Segment Win

Tri-O Notes:

Great field of racers for Tuesday Night Thunder – 15 Nascar / 13 IROC. Congrats to Jordan Hess on 2 segment wins on the Tri-O in IROC Action. Randy has planned a great season of IROC racing this year. There is a very even balanced fleet of IROC sets for racing action. Mark your calendars – These are races NOT to miss. Congrats to Shane Hiester for scoring a Consolation Feature Event Win at the ECHORR Challenge this past weekend.

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