Randy’s Raceway Season Ending Thank You

Another great 10th racing season has ended at Randy’s Raceway ! I would like to thank all the racers who have helped make this season an exciting, challenging, and most of all fun. We welcome the new rookie racers into our group of Tuesday night action, without new racers the hobby we have been doing for so many years will go nowhere.

There are Tuesday nights scheduled once a month throughout the summer so everyone can stay in touch by learning more car building tips, tuning up his or her cars, and practicing.

For the upcoming season there are no chassis rule changes but there will be a few procedure changes.

A sign in sheet for each racer to check what race they are running that evening.

The tear down procedure is that only one of the dice will be rolled. The event winner will pick a number from 1 to 6 (this will be less then a 50/50 chance to teardown as before). If that number is rolled there will be a teardown of the top 3 cars. The forth place car will be held on standby. All the years we have been tearing down and found no one illegal has brought about this teardown procedure change. A great job goes to the racers for keeping everything legal and competitive here at Randy’s Raceway.

A no start rule will be in effect. If your car does not start 3 times in one race you will be charged with a fall off. This is a re0curring penalty within each race. Each 3 time no start you will be charged a fall off. Most of these no starts are because of poor car maintenance or little to no pick up shoe tension. This is all talked about during the tech and practice sessions throughout the summer to build a faster car.

All point fund money to be paid out will be to the qualifying racer who raced over half the races in each division he or she entered. EXAMPLE: Modified division 15 total races 2 drops leaving 13 actual point races. A racer must run 7 out of these 13 races to qualify for point money.

There will be a few other changes to be announced when the racing season starts in September.

A schedule is on its way to be posted soon.

Thanks again to all !