Sam Heller and Tom Wenner Race to IROC Victories

By Brian Sponagle

Seventeen racers checked into the pits for the IROC series double header at Randy’s Raceway Tuesday night January 28th. This would be the second double header of the six race series. The racing was highly competitive on Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval. The action began with Dash IROC Indy T-Jets provided by Tom Wenner and expertly tuned by Hiram Durant. Sam Heller (2Wins) edged out Jim Levan (3 Wins) by two sections of track for the win. The top 4 racers were separated by only 5 sections of track. Finishing third was track owner Randy Haydt (2Wins), fourth was rookie Mike Mackaravitz who was edged out in a tie for third based on segment wins and finishing fifth was Hiram Durant (2 Wins). Rounding out the top ten, 6. Scott Bender, 7. Chris Brubaker (1 Win), 8. Brian Sponagle (1 Win), 9. Mark Williams and 10. Brian VanBuskirk (2 Wins).

Lug Nuts: Sam Heller and Jim Levan battled to the wire. Sam was two sections short of a four race sweep and Jim was three sections away from a sweep.

Next up was the Auto World Super II Nascar Stock Cars. The Super II’s were fast and fun to drive on the tri-oval as the top three were separated by only three sections and fourth through eighth were separated by less than a lap. Taking the win was Tom Wenner (2 Wins) by one section over Randy Haydt (2 Wins) who crashed on the last lap of the final race of the night costing him the victory. Three sections behind in third was Brian Sponagle (2 Wins), fourth was Mike Mackaravitz (2Wins) and finishing fifth, Mark Williams (1 Win). Rounding out the top ten, 6. Sam Heller (1 Win), 7. Scott Bender, 8. Jim Levan (1 Win), 9. Hiram Durant and 10. Chris Brubaker (2 Wins).

Lug Nuts: IROC racing is very competitive and it showed Tuesday night. Eleven different racers picked up segment wins racing the Dash Indy T-Jets and twelve different racers picked up segment wins racing the Super II’s.

Next Week – Modified Racing on the tri-oval.